About Us

About Us

Why Hook Up With Arc, UNSW's Student Organisation?

Arc@UNSW is 'that' mate at uni, who knows all about what's happening, where, when and why you should care. They're the one dragging you along to themed uni parties, getting you to sign up to eclectic clubs, surreal societies, to take on a heap of travel adventures, hooking you up with jobs on campus, discounts - and pretty much getting amongst it with every type of opportunity that UNSW has to offer outside the academic atmosphere. (And if things get too messy, they'll also be on hand to help bail you out.)

Arc (in no way related to an old bearded, animal-loving dude's boat) offers:

  • Student Development - Clubs, societies, volunteering opportunities, grants, courses and more.
  • Representation - The Student Representative Council (SRC), Postgraduate Council (PGC), Arc@UNSW Art & Design Student Council, Inter-Residence Council (IRC) and Student Support (Legal and Advocacy).
  • Entertainment - Roundhouse parties, The White House bar and cafe. Cheap, tasty food and heaps of live music, trivia and free weekly activities.
  • Publications - Blitz, Tharunka, UNSWeetened, Student Cookbook, The Cheapskate's Guide and more
  • Facilities - Computer labs, rooms for hire, a swish new Postgrad Lounge
  • Retail - Graduation Dress Hire, Grad & Gift Store - and heaps more.

The best part? Arc's run by students, for students and its sole mission is to provide services to its members (ahem, that's you - or at least it should be).

Want to hook up with Arc, or already involved and want to know how to reap more benefits? Go to our

Membership page here or add your pretty self to our FB page at www.facebook.com/ArcUNSW

(over 23,000 people can't be wrong)