Where do I find out about job vacancies with Arc?

Jobs are advertised and updated regularly under Jobs, with some highlighted in Blitz magazine.

If I want to get involved in the Arc Board, do I have to stand for election?

If you want to be a member of the Board, or if you have aspirations to the presidency, then you do have to participate in the democratic process. Arc members are eligible to stand for election in accordance with the Arc Regulations. The Board elections are usually held during S1, while the Student Representative Council (SRC), Postgraduate Council (PGC) and Student Development Committee (SDC) elections are held during S2. For further information, please contact our Director of Business Administration, Nitasha Prasad on 02 9385 7711 or email


For more information about Arc, visit Arc Reception (L2, Basser College, UNSW)), telephone (02) 9385 7700, email and continue to check out this website.