Arc Board Elections

                                                2017 BOARD ELECTION

An election will be held for four (4) Student Director positions on the Arc @ UNSW Limited (Arc) Board. 

  • Two (2) positions must be filled by women. 
  • The remaining two (2) positions are unrestricted.

Nominations have closed for the Board elections.

The following nominations were received at the close of nominations:

Please view here for a pdf copy of the candidates statements.

*VOTING info can be found here*

Jay Zabakly

My name is Jay and for the last three years I have had the absolute pleasure of getting involved at UNSW. My most memorable experiences have come from volunteering at Arc. Deep down it has reshaped me as a person, both personally and professionally. Especially through my involvement in the Yellow Shirts Program, Arts society camp leader and being president of the Model United Nations society.

Now I want to give back with my expertise and ideas as your Arc Board Director. I would do this by bringing club/society Presidents together in a group so that they can collaborate for better events. I would do this by providing training for presidents on managing a team. I would do this by guiding executives on how they can maximise their social media presence, our gateway to members. I hope these Idea’s and my blurb show you I’m capable for this role.

Samuel Westley

A crucial ingredient to the success of student life at UNSW has been the sound strategic governance of Arc. My name is Sam Westley and I am a fourth-year Arts and Business / Law student. Through volunteering at Arc and serving within clubs and societies on campus, I have developed a profound appreciation for this organisation. If elected as Student Director, I want to enhance the organisation’s capability to account for the interests of students. To do this, I believe that Arc needs to play a greater collaborative role with students, particularly those who live on campus. Secondly, I want to make Arc more financially accountable so that students can better assess whether budgetary allocations are in alignment with their needs. Finally, I believe Arc could better assist small to mid-sized clubs and societies through workshops and educative resources. Support Westley for a more transparent and supportive Arc.

Emily Casey

Hi all! I’m a Fourth-year Medicine/Arts student from Melbourne and I would love to represent you as a Director to help ensure student life at UNSW is the very best it can be. I believe my extensive experience working with Arc and external organizations, combined with my enthusiasm makes me an excellent candidate to advocate for the needs of our wonderfully diverse community. Currently I am the Sponsorship Officer on the New South Wales Medical Students Council, have previously been the Events Director for the UNSW Ultimate Frisbee Club Executive and have extensive hospitality experience. Should I be given the privilege to be your Director, I will endeavor to: 

- Advocate for more beneficial and easily accessible student wellbeing and advocacy services
- Help direct funds to rejuvenate the UNSW campus atmosphere through improving its venues
- Ensure funding is allocated to maximize student benefit 
Vote [1] Emily Casey

Mia Carey

Arc is a fantastic organization which enhances student life whilst at university. We need dedicated people on Arc Board that wish to continue to make changes that benefit the students. Being engaged in both the Art & Design and the Kensington campus life, actively involved in the Women’s Collective and Arc affiliated clubs, highlights for me the changes that need to be made on Arc Board. I wish to facilitate stronger welfare access and awareness for students, prioritise international student’s involvement and access to clubs and volunteer programs. In addition, support club’s access to funding and grants that they are entitled to as well as assist the transition between club executives each year. I want to continue to make sure that decisions are made based on increased involvement, support and representation for women in clubs, on Board and Arc’s volunteering programs. 

So, please Vote [1] Mia Carey & Vote [2] Jack McNally!!

Nadhirah Daud

Hi everyone! My name is Nadhirah and I am a fourth year Arts/Law student. I’m running for Arc Board because I am passionate about continuing Arc’s incredible work in providing the best possible experience for students. Having served as a councillor on the Student Representative Council last year and as a current Law Faculty Board student representative, I believe I have the necessary experience to effectively represent students and to act in their best interests. If elected, I am committed to:

- Increasing funding to academic support, careers opportunities, and mental health support services on campus, particularly during the transition into trimesters
- Making Arc more equitable, diverse and accessible
- Increasing support to Arc clubs and societies
- Making sustainable and responsible investments in Arc’s future
- Running more Arc-sponsored events to maximise student participation and involvement on campus 

So please vote [1] Nadhirah Daud!

Josh Li

Arc aims to improve student life and that is what I always strive to do for my fellow students of UNSW. Currently I am doing this by being involved in as many societies as I can be, including EngSoc and MathSoc, and Arc volunteering programs including Shack Tutoring, Ignite Mentoring and Phil’. However, joining the Arc team as a student director will allow me to put my efforts into helping students in the most effective way.

I believe I can utilise all my skills and experience, which I have learnt from working with societies, Arc volunteering and project teams, to help Arc improve from its already awesome state. With all that I have learnt I will be able to bring many more ideas for the future of Arc. I would love this opportunity to be able to directly help all students of now and tomorrow.

Amy Colville

Hi, I’m Amy and in my fourth year of an Arts/Law degree.

I’ve been involved in various clubs and societies on campus, including the Law Society, and am aware of the important role Arc plays in providing a well-rounded university experience for students. For this reason, I would like further engage with and improve student services by being on Arc board.

My approach will be collaborative, both with the board members and students so that Arc can continue to facilitate a positive university experience that responds to student needs and concerns. Arc should be seen by students as a fun and transparent organisation, and I would like to make that happen!

Jack McNally

Hey, I’m Jack! 

Arc’s clubs and societies, volunteering experiences, vibrant campus life and incredible support services are the reason that I go to UNSW. Arc has made UNSW a great place for students, and as a Director I would work to ensure that Arc continues to provide the best possible student experience.

I’ve been advocating for students by volunteering for the SRC over the past year, and I’ve been an active member in clubs and societies.

In what is a time of change for Arc with trimesters and the new Roundhouse, it’s more important than ever to have strong engaged representatives on Arc Board.

My vision is to focus Arc on improving diversity and access on our Board and in our clubs and societies; and to ensure that it provides the support that students need – like mental health and legal services.

Vote [1] Jack McNally 
Vote [2] Mia Carey 

Millie Chen

My name is Millie, a fourth-year commerce & law student. The reason why I’m interested in Arc Board is because I’d like to improve student life experience in a broader vision. If elected to the Board, I would firstly recommend for Arc to supply more funds to student club development and simplify the procedures for Arc affiliation. Secondly, a focus will be put on more high-value volunteering opportunities to improve students' competitive skills, such as allowing more student societies’ formation. Other areas of concentration will be improving connection among students, Arc and the university for better, wiser and more effective policy to cover more UNSW students’ lives. I believe this role can fulfil part of my wish to be an effective life-long volunteer.

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