Kudos Gallery Curator & Critic Awards

Kudos Gallery is run by UNSW Art & Design students. It is an 'artist run' space funded by Arc @ UNSW Limited. Kudos Gallery is situated close to the UNSW Art & Design campus at 6 Napier Street Paddington. 

Kudos Gallery aims to provide a venue for the exploration of emerging and experimental art practices in Sydney. We create opportunities for current UNSW students and the broader arts community to foster professional practices and experience in the development of exhibition networks. We also provide a forum for critical dialogue and debate, and we encourage interdisciplinarity as well as legitimate experimental work. 

In 2016, Kudos Gallery launched the Early Career Curator Award a prize open to the public awarding one curator the opportunity to develop an exhibition for Kudos Gallery through a sustained mentorship Program. The inaugural recipient Anthony Bautovich produced the exhibition Monumentalism which featured a mix of Sydney and international artists alongside current UNSW Art & Design students. 

In 2017, Kudos Gallery launched the Emerging Critics Award, awarding a current UNSW Art and Design student the opportunity to work with a Kudos Gallery exhibition to produce a critical essay, and chair a public program for that exhibition. The critic received mentorship from the Kudos Gallery team and editorial support from the Framework editor. The inaugural recipient of the Emerging Critics Award was Serafina Lee who worked with that year's Early Career Curator Awardee Zorica Purlija on her exhibition Realising Mother.

Early Career Curator Award

Kudos Gallery and Arc @UNSW Art and Design invites all curators in the early stages of their careers to propose an exhibition to be presented at Kudos Gallery as part of the Early Career Curators Award 2018.

The winning curator will be awarded:

  • $500 curator fee

  • Mentorship from an industry professional

  • The design of a digital exhibition catalogue, to be published through the Kudos Gallery website

  • A public program developed in collaboration with the semester two Emerging Critics Award recipient

Emerging Critics Award

Kudos Gallery and Framework at Arc @UNSW Art and Design invites writers and critics currently studying at UNSW to submit applications for the Emerging Critics Award 2018, sponsored by sponsored by Art & Design Student Council

The winning critic will be awarded:

  • $500 writers fee

  • Editorial mentorship from Tai Mitsuji, from Runway Australian Experimental Art Journal, as the critic's develops a critical essay in responses to an upcoming project produced by Kudos Gallery

  • The publishing of their article on professional arts writing platforms Runway Conversations and Framework.

  • The critic will also chair a workshop/panel discussion in partnership with their reviewed project. The critic will receive curatorial support from Kudos Gallery through the development of this public program

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Early Career Curator AwardEmerging Critics Award


Early Career Curator Award

The Early Career Critics Award is awarded once a year.

Applications must be received by midnight on the day of the deadline.

• Fill out the following application form and upload your support material. 

• Write a conceptual rationale no longer than one A4 page (max characters 3000), outline your exhibition concept and the artists to be included.  

• Include details of the work you wish to exhibit, if the exhibition aims to commission new work please clearly detail what is being commissioned.

• Bio for each individual or collective involved in the exhibition of around 100 words each. 

• Visual support material, preferably one PDF document (these images must detail if it is the work you intend to exhibit or examples are the artist's practice.); 

• Max 10 Images for solo shows 

• Max 20 images for group shows 

• Max 10 minutes of video (please include links to uploaded video in PDF) 

• One PDF upload of all images. One image per page. 

• Please note: All images must be clearly and correctly labelled with the artist's name, title, year, medium and dimensions of the work. All video submitted must be uploaded to an online video service such as Youtube or Vimeo.  

• Please ensure that you have read all the information in this pack and that you are aware of all the requirements and responsibilities. 

• Incomplete applications will not be considered 

• The Kudos Committee look for structured, meaningful, conceptually considered, and aesthetically appealing proposals in an attempt to define the form and content of the resulting exhibition. Remember: you must include visual material with a conceptual rationale in support as well as individual artists’ statements.


• The clarity of your proposal. 

• The quality and consistency of the support material provided and its ability to effectively demonstrate the aims of the proposal. 

• The conceivability of the project - the scope of the proposal must be viable to produce and/or implement within the space and time frames elected in the Application Form. 

Emerging Critics Award

The Emerging Critics Award is awarded once a semester.

Applications must be received by midnight on the day of the deadline.

• Fill out the following application form and upload your support material.


• The clarity of your previous writing 

• Compatibility of the writer's interest with performance event.

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