The Mural Project

The Mural Project is your opportunity to put a stamp on the UNSW Art & Design campus! In collaboration with UNSW Art & Design, sponsored by Eckersley's Art and Craft and The Art Scene on campus, Arc is providing you with the opportunity to create a public artwork to bring our campus to life.

So HOW do you put your stamp on campus?

Step 1: Walk around the campus, identify a wall that looks like it could use a makeover because frankly we're fabulous and our campus is too! Think under awnings, inside stairwells, on walls, in corners on ceilings! We could keep listing but the list would just be ridiculous.

Step 2: Create your design, think outside the box! You don't necessarily need to have a traditional painting design your mural could be a decal, it could be chalk, it could be conceptual, how about a paste up? The idea is up to you!

Step 3: Send us your ideas (Yeah, you can have more than one ;) )! Submit your proposal via the link below and we'll review it! make sure you include a short description of your idea, your location, examples of previous work and mock up of your proposed project.

Artists are selected based on application to a committee of current students and one academic member of staff from the Faculty.


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