Clubs Mashup 2018

We did the mash... We did the monster club mash

We are stronger together than we are apart!

There are hundreds of Arc Clubs & Societies catering to the wide array of weird (and not-so-weird) interests of UNSW students. Exciting activities and events are organised for each club or society to please its members. 

Just IMAGINE what life would be like if clubs and societies teamed up to host events together? Imagine if two, three, even FOUR clubs teamed up to organise an event? Like the Fantastic Four, this event could be an opportunity for clubs to showcase their separate talents while sharing their passions with each other.

Club partnerships are a great opportunity to collaborate and communicate with other clubs while promoting your own club. Don't limit yourself by only considering partnerships with similar clubs, get wild! You never know who you might be compatible with, sometimes opposites attract.

S1 Mashups

Clubs Mashup # 1: UNSW Mega LAN


The Clubs involved were: 

  • BlizzSoc
  • League of Legends Society 
  • Dota UNSW
  • Game Development Society 
  • Computer Enthusiast Society 

Clubs Mashup # 2: Global Passport


Clubs Mashup :: Global Passport brought to campus by:

  • Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia UNSW
  • Pakistani Society
  • Hellenic Society
  • Filipino Student Society of UNSW
  • Australia-China youth Association UNSW
  • Nippon Students Association

It was a day to explore new cuisines, new culture and new travel adventures.

Art Attack :: S2, 2016

Art Attack :: S2, 2016

Tea of the Highest Order :: S2, 2016

Fit, fresh, fun :: S2, 2016

Be inspired by this example of an amazing Mashup!

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Clubs Mashup