x Toast     4.5
thick cut sourdough w/ your choice of jam, vegemite, or peanut butter

x Buttermilk Pancakes   12
three fluffy pancakes, w/ vanilla icecream, mixed berries, & maple syrup

x Bacon & Egg Roll   7.5
classic bacon and egg roll w/ bbq or tomato sauce

x Cheesy Scrambled Eggs    10
cheesy scrambled eggs w/ mushroom and wilted baby spinach on sourdough

x Smashed Avocado on Toast    10
smashed avocado on sourdough toast with crumbled feta
add 2 free range poached eggs 2

x Big Brekkie
two free range poached eggs, bacon, avocado, chorizo, roasted tomato, hashbrown, and a few cheeky slices of sourdough.

ADD bacon/chorizo/avocado/hash brown/mushroom/wilted spinach 2

Lunch & Dinner


x Grilled Atlantic Salmon    18
spanish onion, hazelnuts, orange & balsamic vinaigrette

x Fish & Chips    14
koscuisko pale ale beer battered fish, served with chips, tartar sauce & a lemon wedge 

x Chicken schnitzel    12
crumbed chicken schnitzel served with aioli and your choice of chips or salad 

x  Classic Chicken Parma      16                                                                             
crispy chicken schnitty w/ cheese and neapolitan sauce on top 

x Whitehouse Signature Parma     18                                                               
crispy schnitty w/ pineapple, bacon & fresh avocado on top 

x Roast pumpkin salad (v) (gf)     12
slow roasted pumpkin, quinoa, chickpeas, coriander w/ lemon dressing
add grilled chicken 3

x Caesar salad (v)     12
cos lettuce, crispy bacon, parmesan cheese, croutons w/ creamy caesar dressing 
add grilled chicken 3


x White House beef burger     15
house made beef patty, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato served w/ beer battered chips
add egg 1

x Chicken burger    14
grilled chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, haloumi served w/ beer battered chips & aioli 
add fresh avocado 3

x Portuguese schnitzel burger     14
crispy chicken schnitzel, lettuce, tomato, peri-peri served with chips
add bacon 2

x Chickpea burger (v)    14
chickpea patty, tzatziki & tomato
add avocado or bacon 3ea


x Triffid (v)    15
slow roasted pumpkin, feta, semi dried tomato, eggplant & pesto base 

x Banshee     16
tandoori chicken, onion, haloumi, capsicum, mint yogurt swirl 

x House Dynamite    15
chorizo, capsicum, chilli flakes, & drizzled ranch dressing 

x Aragon    15
garlic and herb marinated chicken, caramelised onion, sundried tomatoes, & capsicum 

x Dr Who    15
roasted chicken, onion, shallots, & homemade peri-peri 

x Abomination    15
bacon & pineapple w/ bbq sauce 

x The Wall   20
inspired by the 45th US president: pulled beef & bean pizza, w/ a standing corn chip center piece topped w/ sour cream, avocado, & salsa

x Margarita (v)     13
heirloom medley cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, baby spinach 

x Garlic Pizza (v)     10
garlic & mozzarella


x Chips (v)    7
beer battered chippies w/ chicken salt 

x Frenzy Fries (v)    8
beer battered chips coated in our famous mix of spices 

x Wedges (v)    8
w/ sour cream & sweet chili

x Sweet Potato Wedges (v)     9
w/ aioli 

x Nachos    13
beef, bean, & jalapeno mix, melted cheese, salsa, avocado & sour cream on corn chips

x Guac & Load (v)    10
salsa loaded corn chips w/ fresh avocado & sour cream on the side