WK4Wed 26 Jun

UNSWeetened Literary Journal | Writing Workshop

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Always wanted to give writing a go but not confident in your abilities? Want to gain some perspective before submitting your writing to UNSWeetened?

Here’s your opportunity. UNSWeetened Literary Journal is hosting a writing workshop to give you the chance to have your work peer read before submissions close on 10 JUL, WK6.
Come along to share your work (or ideas!) with other writers and contributors and gain some valuable feedback.

UNSWeetened literary journal is where UNSW’s creative writing talents are showcased at their best, and submissions for this year’s journal are currently open!

Our theme? Wabi-Sabi - the beauty of imperfection. The journal hopes to capture the magic of a 20th century poet's old beaten and battered coat pocket notebook, mixed with a subdued, relatable modern take. Taking an approach to design that is soft, nuanced, and intimate, it hopes to inspire students to write without the strains of producing a perfect text.

Join us in creating something that is perfectly imperfect.

What to bring:
• Your writing and ideas (that’s it!)

Brought to you by Arc - UNSW Student Life. Find out more about UNSWeetened at arc.unsw.edu.au/unsweetened