O-Week 2017

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Congrats champ, you made the right choice coming to UNSW, and now continue your habit of great decision making by coming along to our O-Week fiesta!

Your timetable might say that uni semester starts in Week 1, but everything important happens in O-Week from February 20th - 24th, when there are hundreds of stalls, inflatables, freebies, and entertainment - maybe even jelly wrestling! There's something fun for everyone, whether you’re a fresh faced first year or a ninth year med student. 

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Make the most out of O-Week (and uni in general) - make sure you sign up to be an Arc Member, or reactivate your membership from last year. 

  • Stroll along main walkway and sign up for Arc Sports Clubs or Arc Clubs & Societies that'll keep you entertained while you're getting educated. 
  • Head to an amazing variety of events and activities all day and all night organised by the Roundhouse crew. From comedy shows to speed dating and live music, there's something for everyone! 
  • Hit up a campus tour led by our Yellow Shirts, or go along to your faculty welcome address to get to know your classmates and classrooms.
  • Collect as many freebies as you can! O-Week is a crazy week where everyone from the dean of your faculty, to sponsors and societies are throwing free stuff at you. Bring a bag bag (or grab a free one!) and start collecting free post-its, Frisbees, magazines, snacks, and anything else that they bring along to impress you this year.

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