Global Village

Global Village

Wanna travel overseas with a group of mates? Experience a new culture? Make a real impact for families in need?

Between each semester we send teams of students to developing nations to lend a helping hand with a local community project. Global Village is only a relatively new Arc program, but we've already had groups go to Malaysia, Thailand, Fiji, and Nepal working on a diverse range of projects from building houses to teaching in local primary and high schools and implementing systems of change.


But it's not all business - we have heaps of fun too! We make the most of the time overseas by getting to know the locals, enjoying the culture, and using the opportunity to travel and take in the sights.


Global Village 2015

Mid Year Trips - click through the links to check out the Info Pack





Sri Lanka



End of Year Trips - click through the links to check out the Info Pack



Other potential trips include Mauritius, Tanzania and more to come! We will update the info packs once we have a more concrete information.


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Hi Karen,

Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy week. Also, I was waiting to see how many people paid their deposits in case there was room for you on the trip. Unfortunately, at this stage the trip is completely full.

Sorry for the sad news, but I am hoping to set up another trip to accommodate those people who missed out, and I will keep in touch if this does happen (no promises, but I will try).

Best wishes,