The Pod

The Pod

The Pod - UNSW's Radio Podcasting program.
Comedy, Banter, Events, Interviews.
Podcasts created by students to distract you or entertain you whilst you're working. Podcasts are produced fortnightly throughout the University year by the presenter and a number of volunteers.

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Students can join the Pod as a volunteer and develop their skills by working alongside the Pod Presenter and Pod Coordinator. Volunteers learn skills in in using sound equipment, creating content, recording, interviewing, editing, producing and publishing podcasts. Upon learning these industry skills, volunteers contribute to podcasts and produce their own before the semester finishes. There are limited positions available each session so please apply ASAP.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 hours a week during session
    (1 hour in a weekly group meeting, 1 hour independent)
  • Upon completion of 20  hours in the program, pod volunteers will receive university recognition of their involvement on their AHEGS
  • No previous experience in radio necessary
  • Committed, enthusiastic, works well in a team

Applications will open around March for Session 1 2014 so keep this page bookmarked. If you have any further queries contact the Pod Coordinator on at