Gender Equality

Arc’s vision is for all of its employees to enjoy the same rights, resources and opportunities regardless of their gender.  Arc’s approach to Gender Equality is guided by our Gender Equality Strategy and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Arc achieves this by embedding gender equality principles of fairness and justice throughout Arc as well as by developing and implementing actions and programmes that address our organisational culture, values, policies and practices.

"As a student member of Arc, I’m incredibly proud to know that Arc@UNSW has been awarded the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality, 3 years in a row! It is no mean feat – we’re one of only 106 organisations that has achieved this rigorous citation yet again! Arc believes wholeheartedly in a fair, flexible, inclusive and equal workplace and in celebrating diversity. And as students, we should be so proud that our student organisation demonstrates a highly effective and sustained commitment to this vision and its people. 

WGEA’s outline of the lack of equality in the Australian workplace is well known. 'The gender pay gap in the Australian workforce is still prevalent, women continue to earn less men, are less to advance their careers as far as men, and accumulate less retirement or superannuation savings. At the same time, men have less access to family-friendly policies such as parental leave or flexible working arrangements than women.'

And Arc has done something about it. It is empowering to know that when you work for Arc as a student, regardless of your gender, Arc ensures that factors outside of your ability to do your work are irrelevant to your career prospects, you’re able to work flexibly, access development opportunities and resources, and be equally rewarded for the work you do. And that’s something huge that we should always celebrate about Arc’s people and culture."

Tina Zhou
Chair of the Board

WGEA Annual Compliance Report

We have recently submitted our Annual Report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. A copy of this report is available under this link for your information.

Pay Equity

Equal pay is a very topical issue in Australia, where despite key stakeholders being aware of the continuing gender pay gap, it persists in Australian workplaces.  Currently the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) estimates the pay gap between men and women to be 24%.  While in education the pay gap is much closer to 9.3%, this still represents a significant inequity.  Arc believes in gender pay equity and is continually taking steps to both analyse and improve pay levels, for those who perform comparable or similar roles. 

Policies and Procedures

At Arc we promote and foster work flexibility to help both men and women balance work, family and other life commitments.  Arc regularly consults and liaises with its employees, UNSW and other external agencies on the adoption and progress of our gender equality initiatives. 

We are continually looking for improvements and actively revaluate our policies and procedures to identify and eliminate any gender bias found to be present.  Ensuring equal representation of men and women on our team is not just an issue of equity, but also in making sure we can access the talent, skills, experiences and opportunities that gender equality brings.

In March 2016 the Arc Board passed a motion requiring 50% of Student Director Positions to be filled by women.  This policy ensures that women will receive an equal board role and ensure adequate and more proportional representation of the student population.


Arc @ UNSW is proud to announce that for the third year running and despite the increasingly rigorous criteria, we have been awarded the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation. The WGEA EOCGE citation is designed to encourage, recognise and promote an active commitment to achieving gender equality in Australian workplaces. Arc is one of only 106 organisations Australia wide to receive the citation.

Criteria for the citation includes leadership, learning and development, gender remuneration gaps, flexible working and other initiatives to support family responsibilities and targets for improving gender equality outcomes. This year saw an increased focus upon flexibility and greater support for women progressing into leadership positions.

Equality of opportunity is an essential part of Arc’s strategy and culture and I am very proud of Arc’s achievements and commitment to creating a workplace culture that is fair, flexible and inclusive and one that continues to lead in gender equality initiatives.

Brad Hannagan
Chief Executive Officer

GE Survey 2017

We were most pleased to see that our staff experiences reflect the equitable workplace we strive to be. 

Arc’s CEO Brad Hannagan is a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador.  With active promotion and education he is helping the WGEA with their mission to eliminate the gender pay gap and gender biases still affecting Australian workplaces.

Brad together with some other Australian CEOs is strongly committed to working to remove gender biases present in performance review, talent development and pay. 

For more information regarding gender equality please visit the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.