:: Volunteer for S2 ::

Applications close 28 JUL

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:: Semester 2 | Week 5 ::

Aug 22 - 24 | ARTSWEEK 2017

Artsweek is an on-campus week-long event of CRAZY CREATIVITY and one of Arc's MANY amazing volunteer programs! Artsweek 2017 is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever before, so become a part of the madness by joining our creative team of volunteers and submitting your masterpiece artworks!

:: Volunteer for S2 ::

Apply Now!


Artsweek has recruited some INSANELY TALENTED mural artists to help JAZZ UP the construction hoardings around the Roundhouse. While we patiently wait for these masterpieces to come together, you can CHECK THEM OUT RIGHT NOW by clicking the links below!!!





PROGRESS SHOTS - Austin & Dion

You can find these murals behind the Law Building, next to the MCIC as you walk towards Gate 2!


We're currently on the lookout for some super creative:

Installations/Interactive Artworks

Indoor Artworks


NO EXPERIENCE  IS NEEDED - in fact, this may be a great way to kick start your portfolio and expand your exposure! ((Keep scrolling for more info)). 

To apply click on the links or shoot us an email!

Installations/Interactive/Outdoor Artworks

A key part of Artsweek is the engaging outdoor installations - last year we featured works from VIVID 2016 and local emerging artists and are keen to display some engaging media artworks!

If you're interested in featuring your installations or would like to work with us on a concept for one, email us with your ideas!


Indoor Artworks

Student artworks have always been the focus of Artsweek - this year we've booked out the entire Greenhouse as an exhibition space!

All types of artworks and mediums are welcome - send us your paintings, drawings, sculptures and multimedia works!

To submit your artworks or for more information click here



Our team of volunteers is what makes Artsweek EPIC! Regular volunteer duties commence Week 1 of Semester 2 with potential for several opportunities during the winter semester break!

In the lead up to Artsweek, our vollies will be collaborating on some installations to be displayed on campus as part of Artsweek, helping set up the event and installing artworks. During Artsweek, you'll be acting as invigilators for some our installations and assisting some live art demos and workshops.

The role is super flexible and low commitment - you can contribute as many hours as you like - and remember, volunteering at least 20 hours for any Arc program makes you eligible for AHEGS!

Click here to apply! - Time Commitment // LOW


A Little Bit More About Artsweek… 

Every Semester 2 Week 5, the uni is transformed into a colourful campus-wide museum of sculptures, installations and temporary galleries, which play host to dozens of artworks created by UNSW students across a plethora of degrees (not just the Art & Design kids!!!) 

Along with being a fantastic celebration of creativity, Artsweek is one of many amazing volunteer programs run by Arc. By the end of your time as an Artsweek volunteer you’ll have gained event management skills, creative thinking, team-player traits and of course, some great friends! 

During the lead-up to the festival, our super amazing Artsweek Coordinators work closely with an awesome team of student volunteers who get to work on a number of collaborative artworks and installations that will be featured on campus during Artsweek.

Artsweek is a great opportunity for students of all ages and creative capabilities - whether you’re a seasoned post-grad in Fine Arts or an impressionable first year in Commerce, as long as you can get pumped about adding some excitement to student life, then you're a perfect candidate for us, so VOLUNTEER NOW - no experience needed!!!

Want to get involved but aren't sure how? Don't be afraid to shoot us an email, all questions and big ideas are welcome! 

Tldr; Check Out our 2016 Gallery to See what we're all about

Meet your 2017 Artsweek Production Assistant!

HEY GUYS - I'm Tulliz, your Artsweek Production Assistant for 2017!!! I'm in my third year of Design (Jewellery and Graphics) and Media (PR & Advertising). 

If I’m not obsessively singing along to a musical, you’ll probably catch me tackling my latest creation in the Art & Design studios, or in the main library neck-deep in readings!

Collaborating and creating with the funniest team volunteers during Artsweek 2016 has been the highlight of my uni experience! Whether you’re a master painter or can barely draw a stick figure, as long as you can get pumped about adding some colour to the campus, then Artsweek is for you! Don’t throw away your shot at becoming a part of the BIGGEST Artsweek UNSW has ever seen - liven up the campus during Artsweek this year with the most chilled out volunteer crew here at Arc

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Tulliz Bakar