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Run each semester, this initiative sends students overseas to disadvantaged communities to lend a helping hand in a local project. From building houses to teaching at local schools, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in a culture, have fun, make friends for life, and sight see. 

There are better ways to find yourself than by watching Eat, Pray, Love. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that will be a space for personal, social and mental growth. 

So what is Global Village?

Global Village is an Arc Volunteering Program that offers UNSW students the opportunity to volunteer in developing countries during uni breaks. In the last five years, Global Village volunteers have helped out in countries including India, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Fiji, and more. Our work is dynamic and diverse, but the shared purpose is to improve the circumstances of local communities by building upon existing capacities and learning from local knowledge. 2017 promises to be another fantastic year with some amazing trips planned in communities we continue to support.

2017 Midsem trips

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2017 Midsem trips

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2017 Midsem Trips

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2017 Midsem Trips

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Check out some of our previous trips

Cambodia Trip, 2016

Pictured is our Cambodia team and some of the students at the Restore One primary school. Whilst in Cambodia, the team taught at the primary school, constructed some of the classrooms at the new, soon-to-be-opened High School, helped set up a pop-up-shop for the villagers and assisted at Restore Rose classes where women are taught about health and sanitation. The team also got to help buy sewing machines for a new project that Restore One is initiating to help young girls stay in school and avoid the threat of the child sex trafficking industry in Cambodia. They bought tiles for a family’s home to improve their living conditions in their slum community, learnt about a number of other organisations in Cambodia and the work that they do through inter-agency support and even got to spend a night living with the locals in the village – cooking for them, staying at their homes, showering in the well and more.

Laos Trip, 2016

Here's our Laos team hanging in Nathong Village. Whilst in Laos, the team assisted in traditional building and agricultural projects, such as making paper, learning farming practices and working in the rice paddies that surround the village.  Our volunteers also helped out in a community centre providing a range of services, including English lessons. If you're interested in sustainable economic, social and environmental development, then helping out in Laos with our partner organisation, SAE LAO, might be for you!

Nepal Trip, 2016

After the 2015 earthquake, volunteers are desperately needed to help restore community infrastructure through basic construction work. In the past, our volunteers have participated in reconstruction of schools and drinking water supply systems in Gorkha district, one of the worst-hit areas. As well as reconstruction, our work with Sambhav Nepal involves teaching in local schools, pictured here. And after two weeks volunteering, our team got to experience first-hand Nepal's rugged terrain and diverse culture with a five-day trek!


Volunteer applications for Semester One are now closed. Be sure to keep an eye out for next semester!

Intake/ Early each semester

Time commitment/ Medium

Be sure to check the terms and conditions beforehand!

Meet your 2017 Global Village Coordinator!

Heya my name is Amelia and I'm the Global Village Coordinator! I'm currently in my honours year of International Studies. I love listening to long-winded stories and finding myself in bizarre situations. Once I ran away with the circus to New York - no joke.

If you share a love of learning from others and want to create some feel-good memories along the way, swing me an email! 

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