Global Village

Meet Natasha and Carly

Global Village Coordinators

Hi! We are Tash and Carly - right now we are really busy making sure our 80 volunteers are safely reaching their destinations around the world!!!

Tash likes singing in the bathroom and has recently taken an interest in glass blowing.

Carly is a professional magician when she isn't global-villaging and can make a mean bunt cake (and then make it disappear).

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Reach out. The world is our family

Run each semester, this initiative sends students to communities in developing nations to lend a helping hand in a local project. From building houses to teaching at local schools, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in a culture, have fun, make friends for life, and sight see. 

There are better ways to find yourself than by watching Eat, Pray, Love. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that will be a space for personal, social and mental growth. 

So what is Global Village?

Global Village is an Arc Student Development Program that offers UNSW students the opportunity to volunteer their time during uni breaks in a variety of communities within developing countries. In the last five years, Global Village volunteers have helped in countries including India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Fiji, Nepal, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, and more. 2016 promises to be another fantastic year with some amazing new trips planned, as well as some wonderful opportunities to continue our existing relationships with communities that we have previously supported. Our volunteers work in a diverse range of fields including education, construction, community development, health care, animal conservation and more.

Global Village carefully selects the organisations that we partner with and so you can be assured that your time is going to communities that really need your help, rather than partaking in any form of voluntourism. We place strong emphasis on the community’s needs, as well as the organisation’s transparency.

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Why Volunteer?

Global Village provides students the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to a developing community
  • Bond with a group of like minded people from your uni
  • Develop fundraising skills and learn how to improve sustainable volunteering
  • Develop leadership skills through the team leader program
  • Travel overseas and experience a new culture

Whilst the focus of all of our trips is on the volunteering, there is definitely plenty of time for fun as well! We make the most of the time overseas by getting to know the locals, absorbing the culture, taking the opportunity to travel and take in the sights.

Where are we going?

In the 2016 end of year break we are planning on running trips to the following countries. Click on the countries below to found out the organisation you would be partnering with, and the essential information for each trip:

Important Dates

The 2016 semester two Information sessions will be held at Arc reception at:

Aug 1st – 2-3pm
Aug 2nd- 11am-12pm
Aug 4th- 4:30-5:30pm

Aug 7th- Applications Close at 5pm
Aug 8th-12th- Group Interviews
Aug 15th- Successful applicants notified and the volunteering program commences! 

Interested? Get involved

Keep an eye out on this page for the application information, our Facebook for updates, and in Blitz  and the Arc Facebook for volunteer calls and fundraising events.

Applications will be opening at the beginning of week 1, the 25th of July, and will close at the end of week two, 5pm on the 7th of August. 

Intake/ Applications close early each Semester

Time commitment/ Medium

Got questions?

Global Village

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