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With laptops being de rigeur at uni these days, it’s great to have an opportunity to use a pen. 

The Justices of the Peace League are a team of dedicated volunteers who receive official accreditation by the Attorney General's office to be Justices of the Peace and help the local community by witnessing, checking and certifying your documents. 

Where we are

JPL operates from the Clubs Space, located in Basser College next to the (oh-so-long) Basser Steps, or take the lift to Level 2.

What to bring

When visiting our JP service, please remember to bring your own documents to be certified, as we are not able to provide print or photocopy services. When certifying copies of documents, the JP needs to see the physical originals (unless it is a printout of an online document), so make sure to bring those along too!

When we are available

10AMJP AvailableJP AvailableJP AvailableJP Available
12PMJP AvailableJP AvailableJP Available
1PMJP AvailableJP AvailableJP Available
2PMJP Available
JP Available
JP Available
3PMJP Available


In this position you can develop your interpersonal and communication skills, along with the prestige of working under the appointment of the Attorney General's office. You will also be recognised by the State as a Justice of the Peace for five years.


Intake/ Apply now!

Time commitment/ Medium

Justices of the Peace League

P:02 9385 9840


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