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How To Adult

Just because high school taught you how to drop an egg from a three-storey building without breaking it, or how to spell boobs on your calculator, doesn't mean it's going to help you in the "real world".

Our How To Adult workshops are designed to teach you everything you need to know about being an adult, from understanding your taxes to acing that interview for your dream job. 

We launched our S2 How To Adult Series with a night of wine, cheese and expertise. The special panel event covered the basics of being grown up, from health & wellbeing to money & balance. The health & wellbeing panel included a variety of experts, including Debbie Vadasz, International Student Wellbeing Advisor, and Dylan Martin, UNSW student & member of the U21 Australian Field Hockey Squad. Our money panel included experts such as Graham Cooke, Insights Manager at Finder, and Ada Ly from the ATO.

If you missed out on our 2018 workshops, or just need to brush up on your skills, check out our cheat sheets below.

How To Adult is brought to you by Arc's interns and will be back in 2019 - so watch this space!


S2 Cheat Sheets

How To Adult | Ace That Interview

How To Adult | Comprehend Centrelink

How To Adult | Cook Healthy on a Budget

How To Adult | Lock Down Your LinkedIn

How To Adult | Mindfulness Meditation

How To Adult | Public Speak Good

How To Adult | Road Rights

How To Adult | Self Defence

How To Adult | Survive in a Sharehouse

How To Adult | Take Your Tax Into Account

S1 Cheat Sheets

How To Adult | Access Health Services

How To Adult | Be There for a Mate

How To Adult | Keep Your Calm

How To Adult | Make That Monet Money

How To Adult | Plan a Party

How To Adult | Smash Your Fitness Goals

How To Adult | Start Your Career as an Artist

How To Adult | Stop Procrastinating (Eventually)

How To Adult | Travel

How To Adult | Understand Traffic Offences

How To Adult | Upcycle

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