Associate Membership

Associate Membership

If you're an alumni of UNSW, are a UNSW staff member or an Arc @ UNSW staff member, well then you get plenty of perks if you become an Arc member! Want to know what you get? Of course you do.

Becoming an Arc member means you get: sweet on and off campus Arc Member discounts (people with real jobs love bargains too!); access to sharp Arc publications like Blitz and Tharunka, for folks who want the happs on campus or the hard-hitting news; and access to Clubs and Societies for the hobbyists/sporties/film geeks/whatever-floats-your-boaters*.

If you're fretting about being clogged by Arc emails, fret not! A maximum of 4 emails are sent per year, giving you quick updates and invites to events and parties. Once you join you don't have to worry about renewing each year, but for any members who want to exit this amazing membership and aren't keen on receiving decent discounts and deals, then you can always opt out and we'll still love you.


If you're a UNSW staff member or UNSW alumni, please click here to register for Arc Associate Membership.


If you're current UNSW student, then check out your further benefits, or click here to register for Arc Membership.




* Clubs & Society membership is subject to SD regulations.

* Associate members do not have the right to vote and do not have access to Arc grants.