All those questions that you need answering.

No Dickheads Policy

We're all here to have a good time. So if you're a dickhead, or plan on bringing a dickhead with you to the Roundhouse, you should probably stay at home and pursue a career as an internet troll.

Where can I buy tickets to Roundhouse gigs?

Get your tickets from Ticketek or if the gig isn't sold out at the box office on the night.

Is there a booking fee on each ticket?

Yes. Ticketek charge a transaction fee depending on your ticket collection method.

How do I collect tickets?

Ticketek have a range of ticket collection options from print at home, registered post, venue collection and box office collection. When you buy tickets you will be asked for your preferred option.

I chose the pickup ticket at the venue option, when can I get my ticket?

You can pick up your ticket from the venue 30 mins prior to doors opening to the event. Pick up is from the main entrance of the Roundhouse @ the box office.

Where is the Roundhouse Box Office?

The Box Office is clearly signed, and directly left of the main entrance doors. Customers are asked to bring the credit/debit card to the box office as means of identification. YOU MUST BE THE CREDIT CARD OWNER TO PICK UP TICKETS!

What happens if I lose my ticket?

Treat your tickets like cash, if you lose them they're gone forever and we can't replace them regardless of the method of purchase.

Where can I buy tickets to Roundhouse uni parties?

Get your tickets online at Unibar, or in some cases at Arc @ UNSW reception.

I'm not over 18 years of age - can I come to Roundhouse gigs?

Shows listed as Over 18's can only be attended by patrons over the age of 18 who have valid proof of age i.e drivers license, current passport, RTA proof of age card. Shows listed as Licensed/All Ages can be attended by patrons under the age of 18. If you're under 15, we reckon it's best to bring a parent or guardian. Shows listed as Licensed/All Ages have restrictions on the sale of booze. To purchase alcohol a patron must gain a wristband by showing valid ID and then proceed to the licensed area.

Are Roundhouse gigs seated or standing?

Most Roundhouse shows are general admission and standing room only.

What time do shows normally start and finish?

To check set times give us a call 9385 7630 or shoot an email to venue@arc.unsw.edu.au.

How loud are shows?

Shows vary in volume but we strongly recommend that you use caution and common sense to ensure that you protect your hearing.

Can I mosh or crowd surf?

Short answer: no. Have you ever been kicked or elbowed in the face trying to watch your favourite band? It hurts. That's why you can't mosh or crowd surf at the Roundhouse. Please refer to our "No Dickheads Policy" for more info.

What can I bring?

Can I bring my own booze and gear to the Roundhouse?

Fark no! Are you crazy? The Roundhouse is strictly a no BYO alcohol and illegal drugs venue. Don't bring your own booze or illegal drugs. If you're caught they will be confiscated and you will be removed. If you want to get on the gear or have a thousand beers refer to our "No Dickheads Policy".

Can I bring recording devices like audio, tape, camera or film to the Roundhouse?

Easy tiger, keep your cameras for the bedroom... you cannot record an artist's performance and if you try to, you can be asked to leave. Unlucky. You would require permission from the artist as per the Copyright Act, as the performance is "owned" by the artist. The authority to allow or not allow such recording devices on the night rests with the artists performing and not the venue.

Where is the Roundhouse and how do I get there?

The Roundhouse is located at the University of New South Wales' Kensington Campus, Sydney. Find us here!

Is there parking at the Roundhouse?

Parking is available at UNSW via Gate 2, High Street, and Gate 14, Barker Street. Street parking is also available on surrounding streets. For more detailed information about parking at UNSW check out this page here.

Can I buy food at the Roundhouse?

Yes, the Roundhouse has food on sale at The Bistro for all gigs and events. Think burgers and fries without the clown.

Can I smoke at the Roundhouse?

No, the Roundhouse is a non smoking area.

Does the Roundhouse have an ATM?

Yes, there is an ATM located in the Unibar at the Roundhouse, but it's better to bring cash and avoid the queues.

Does the Roundhouse have a cloakroom?

We do. The cloakroom is located on the ground floor to the left of the main room. THERE IS A $3 FEE per item.

Does the Roundhouse have wheelchair access?

Yes, the Roundhouse is completely wheelchair accessible; please contact Roundhouse reception to discuss any special requirements.

Does the Roundhouse have a lost and found?

Ever woken up without your wallet or phone? It's pretty annoying. Contact Roundhouse reception to see if your stuff's been handed in.

Conditions of Entry

Refusal of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, Roundhouse management reserves the right to:

  • Refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and / or disorderly;
  • Refuse entry to any unauthorised persons;
  • As a minimum for general admission, patrons must be appropriately clothed for a public place and must wear shoes. Patrons with bare feet will not be permitted entry.

General Conditions

  • Roundhouse reserves the right to inspect / search bags of all persons who enter or exit the Venue, regardless of size. This may include the touching of the outside of the bag and / or seeking assistance of the bag owner to remove items from the bag.
  • Persons gaining unauthorised access to Roundhouse and / or the venue’s arena may be liable for prosecution.
  • Patrons who cause a disturbance, or refuse to comply with requests made by Roundhouse staff will be evicted from Roundhouse.
  • Pass-outs may not be issued. In the instance that pass-outs are issued, patrons will be forced to re-queue and re-entry is not guaranteed.
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken into or from Roundhouse by patrons.
  • Smoking on the premises is only permitted in designated smoking areas and not within seating or enclosed areas.
  • Customers wishing to bring personal items into Roundhouse do so at their own risk. Roundhouse will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property.

Restricted / Prohibited Items

The following restricted / prohibited items are not permitted into the Roundhouse:

  • Drinks of any kind this includes bottled water;
  • Food;
  • Glass  (containers, bottles, glasses);
  • Drugs;
  • Weapons of any kind eg. Knives, guns;
  • Laser Lights and Pens;
  • Animals (Guide dogs excluded);
  • Items considered illegal or dangerous;
  • Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades or bicycles.

Liquor Licencing

All persons entering Roundhouse are advised that:

  • They are entering licenced premises;
  • Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter;
  • Persons in possession of liquor will not be permitted to enter;
  • Checking procedures will apply to prevent persons possessing liquor from entering;
  • Intoxicated persons will be removed from the premises;
  • It is an offence for minors to purchase and consume liquor;
  • It is an offence to purchase liquor for (or supply liquor to) minors;
  • Persons supplying liquor to minors will be reported to the Police and penalties apply under the Liquor Act 2007.
  • Roundhouse supports the responsible service of alcohol.