Foundation Day

Hip hip, hooray!

2018 will be the 68th Anniversary of UNSW’s establishment, and campus is going to be flipping fun, with a throwback to fun fair nostalgia, fairy floss and the best bits of being a kid.

Foundation Day is the day we celebrate the birth of our glorious university. In fact, on the first Foundation Day in 1961 students didn't have to go to class... sadly that tradition has not continued.

But other traditions have been established, including Arc celebrating UNSW's birthday with as much pomp and ceremony as we can!

Foundation Day is also a day for epic pranks (including piracy, kidnapping and breaking three world records), but if you wanna leave the pranks to someone else, Arc's got you covered with a bunch of fun events all day - then get ready for Foundation Day Party where we take festivities into the evening and things get louder, weirder and dancy-er. 

Click through to find out more and register your teams for Tug of War and our annual Scavenger Hunt!

Foundation Day