The UNSW Art & Design Council is a newly formed body, representing student voices at the Paddington Campus. 

The Council is dedicated to helping enrich student life in all sorts of ways, from representation and advocacy on issues affecting the student body, to events and activities.

The Council is made up of UNSW Art & Design students dedicated to making sure your voice is heard on campus. Whether that means presenting issues to the Faculty or the University for change, introducing new initiatives, or creating student space to work or play, we are committed to seeing your university needs met. Term of office is one year 1 Dec - 30 Nov.

You can find student reps from the UNSW Art & Design Council in the Arc office most days, or at free tea on Thursdays in the courtyard and free bread Fridays. Come and chat to us, randomly when you see us or at our meetings roughly every two weeks.

We're addressing tonnes of student issues on campus and have loads of exciting events coming your way.

Disgruntled about UNSW Art & Design rebrand? Make sure to attend discussion forums early next semester.

Having problems with disabled access on campus? We're on it!

We've got forums, film screenings, clothes swaps, hot tips and much more - like us on Facebook and stay posted!

Upcoming Events

Free Toast Fridays :: WEEKLY

A&D Environment Committee

Meeting regularly

Kate Stodart

ADSC President

What are you studying ? 

Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in SPI and Drawing.

What is your role on the Council ? 


What do you hope to achieve in the Council? 

This year, my aim is to maintain a reliable point of call for all students, whether that be for equity issues, general questions, suggestions for campus improvements, plans for protests or ideas for events. Our council is an incredible group of current students and this year I am determined to support them to support our larger A+D community!

Look out for ... 

MARKETS! By far this is my favourite time of semester.

Favourite milkshake 

one? we have to pick just ONE?! I think I'll go for a caramel tim tam milkshake (with vanilla bean and caramel swirl ice cream of course).

Carla Zuniga-Navarro

ADSC Vice-President

Loc Nguyen

ADSC Engagement Officer

What are you studying?

Media Arts

What is your role on the Council?

Engagement Officer

What do you hope to achieve in the Council?

I hope to achieve more spaces on campus for students to be able to have their art and design works up for more visibility and allow students to engage with each other through different social events.

 Look out for...

Free toast Fridays!

Favourite milkshake


Pip Louey

ADSC Engagement Officer

Jessica Fogarty

ADSC Equity officer

What are you studying ? 

Media Arts (Animation and VSI)

What is your role on the Council ? 

Equity Officer

What do you hope to achieve in the Council?

I hope to create a more open dialogue about issues on campus and promote students' voices on these problems in the interests of creating a more fair and just university experience.  We also aim to make students more aware of the services available to them, to help them in their personal and professional lives, while studying at UNSW A+D.

Look out for ...

The Big Chill at the end of semester, for a much needed break, and our friendly faces, so you can come chat to us if you have any questions throughout the year that we can help with!

Favourite milkshake

Peanut butter and chocolate. 

Sabella D'Souza

ADSC Equity Officer

Jake Arrogante

ADSC Student Representation Officer

What are you studying ?

A dual degree consisting of Bachelors of Education and Design, specializing
in Jewellery Design and Graphic Design.

What is your role on the Council ?

Representing the people! A.K.A. the Student Representation Officer.

What do you hope to achieve in the Council?

University can be a defining milestone in one’s life, and you spend a
number of years here so why not make it the best it can be? I hope to be
the voice of the student body in order to make their university experience
one that they would never forget… in a good way!

Look out for ...

Our marketplaces! We on the council would know more than anyone how
expensive it can be to be a university student, especially one in the Art
and Design campus, so be sure to be keep an eye out for our future events.
It doesn’t hurt to be frugal, especially when you know you are playing your
part in encouraging a sustainable lifestyle on our campus.

Favourite milkshake

Peanut butter! But only once in a blue moon because the regrets that

Maja Sieczko

ADSC Student Representative Officer

Art & Design Student Council

Art & Design Student Council

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A:Ground Floor D Block, Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021, UNSW Art & Design