Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself.

Through volunteering, sports, skill and participating in outdoor camps, the Duke of Ed Award program challenges students under the age of 25 to get out of their comfort zones and try something new, while connecting with their community and channeling their inner Marco Polo.

The prestigious award program is run in over 140 countries. By challenging yourself you’ll be joining an amazing and adventurous network of international alumni. It’s also great preparation for going on a season of Survivor. 

Whether you started The Duke of Edinburgh at high school and would love to continue, or you've heard about it and want to give it a go, Arc can help. You can get all the support you need to get your award at a Bronze, Silver or Gold level!

Within each award there are three sections: Physical Recreation, Service (Volunteering) and Skills, with the addition of an Adventurous Journey (and a Residential Project for Gold level).

There is a one-time registration fee for the award (for each award level).

Award LevelArc Member Fee*Non-Arc Member Fee*


If you’ve started the award at high school and want to keep going, or just think it sounds like a great time, follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Register to the Online Record Book (ORB) as an award participant and verify your email address (Award Unit: Asia Pacific > Australia > NSW Office of Sport & Recreation > Arc @ UNSW).
  2. Join our Dukes @ Arc Facebook group for a way to connect with other participants on campus.
  3. Fill in our Duke of Edinburgh Participant Information form on OrgSync.
  4. Head to Arc Reception to pay your registration fee (make sure the receptionist scans a copy of the receipt and sends it to dukes@arc.unsw.edu.au - it's the only way we'll know you have paid). We then confirm your registration on the ORB and you'll get your login details.
  5. Log into ORB and fill in your personal details and your award plan.
  6. Find an assessor for each section and get them to sign the volunteers code of conduct and your award plan and send that to us.
  7. Complete your sections and adventurous journey (and residential project if completing Gold) and ask loads of questions.
  8. Get the answers to your questions, submit reports and log hours on the ORB
  9. Wait a bit.
  10. Receive award and celebrate!

Want to know more about how to get involved? Check out the Duke of Edinburgh Australia website or email dukes@arc.unsw.edu.au.

Want to be involved, but not as a participant?

Perhaps you're a good-hearted person who wants to share one of your skills and help make the world a better place? Then you can sign up to be an Assessor and Mentor a Duke of Ed Participant. Anyone who is suitably skilled, experienced and/or qualified can assist and help with an activity: be it Physical Recreation, Volunteering, or Skill. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills and share your knowledge with an eager learner!

Interested? Read up here and Sign Up to be an Assessor here!


Intake | Always open, apply here!

Time commitment | Each award level and commitment is different

Duke of Edinburgh

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