Sandra Simmons

Hello! Sandra here, one of the graphic designers for this year's Student Cookbook! I'm currently in my second year of studying Design, majoring in graphics and spatial design. When I'm not buried in assignments, you can find me doing anything creative, thinking of cats, and of course, baking/eating good food. Looking forward to bringing you an awesome cookbook design this year!

Angela Li

Hey! I’m Angela, one of the graphic designers for the 2019 Student Cookbook! I’m currently studying Science (International) with a minor in Spanish and love experiencing food from different cultures. I enjoy baking and trying new recipes but am low key afraid of popping oil which proves to be a challenge. When I’m not at uni or hanging out at home, I’m practising aerial acrobatics (and no, unfortunately I am not good enough to run away and join the circus).

In my culture, food is what brings people together and I hope that our cookbook will do the same!

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