Jeanne Yang

Hey hey! I’m Jeanne and I am one of the photographers for this year’s cookbook. I was also part of last year’s team if I do seem familiar. I’m currently in my last year of my Science/Art degree and I major in Food Science so it’s no surprise I love food. Whilst I don’t really cook I love taking photos of food as well as people interacting with food. My other hobbies include music and art mediums and I definitely enjoy a good dog photo!

Kawai Lin

Hi! I’m Kawai and I am one of the photographers for the 2019 Student Cookbook. I am studying Commerce/Fine Arts (yes, I know it’s an interesting/weird combination). I love photographing anything really, but especially in macro. I don’t really cook but I love good food and I’m open to trying new foods especially from other cultures. Other than photography, my very recent hobby includes painting with water colours and also lettering.

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