Carmen Truong

Hey, I’m Carmen and I’m doing marketing and sponsorship for the 2019 Student Cookbook. I’m currently studying PR and Advertising at UNSW. When I’m not having an existential crisis over assessment tasks, you can find me enjoying the best roads NSW has to offer in the cutest car ever built, eating way too much food (or traveling to eat way too much food), obsessing over fountain pens or chugging vast amounts tea in every form.

I love food, I’m especially in love with all the unique ingredients Australia has to offer the culinary world. I believe the taste of food is the most noticeable, but texture is what gets me most excited. I also trained as a chef and was for a brief period working some of my favourite dining spots in Sydney. The stomach is the way into person’s heart right?

Emma Chow

I’m Emma, a fourth year Commerce/Economics student who is part of the Sponsorship and Marketing team for the Student Cookbook this year! An avid brunch lover, especially fascinated with Asian-fusion cafes, and hoping to spend more time this year learning to cook more than just Japanese chicken curry!

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