What can Volunteer Army do for partner organsiations?

Volunteer Army promotes opportunities to volunteer at our partner organisations to a large community of 2000+ students on our website, social media and membership portal.

Individual & Group Volunteer Opportunities: 

Volunteer Army works with organisations to find the right student(s) for the volunteer role. Partner organisations advertise open volunteer positions on our website. Partner organisations can then contact us through the volunteer portal to let us know how your volunteers are going.


Planning a large event? Volunteer Army can arrange for a medium-large group of students to come and volunteer on the day. Staff and trained senior volunteers can attend to inspire and motivate the group and ensure that the day goes smoothly. Please contact us well in advance of the event as we focus on supporting a select number of events each term.

Why should organisations partner with Volunteer Army?

Students Make Great Volunteers!

Want eager, motivated, intelligent and highly passionate individuals? Students are a great place to start. Volunteer Army members come from a broad range of backgrounds are highly educated in a variety of different fields. Students are often looking to gain experience relevant to the workplace and so are dedicated and eager to learn.

Volunteer Army Supports Students when they Volunteer

Students are encouraged to contact the coordinator and volunteer leaders if they would like tips or support with volunteering. Likewise partner organisations can contact the coordinator at any time. 

Volunteer Army values students personal and professional development. We keep students updated when there are affordable opportunities to train and up skill.

What organisations are eligible to participate?

All partner organisations must:

  • Be a not for profit organisation
  • Provide insurance for volunteers
  • Provide volunteers with a role which will make a positive contribution to the community in Sydney or beyond
  • Support volunteers by ensuring they have a safe place to work, opportunities to learn and develop and adequate training and supervision to achieve success.

Resources for Partner Organisations

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