Breakfast - till 11am

Toast (v) 4.5 
One slice of thick cut sourdough w/ your choice of jam, vegemite or peanut butter

Buttermilk pancakes (v) 12
Two fluffy pancakes w/ vanilla bean ice-cream, maple syrup, & mixed berries

Berry Delicious Breakfast Parfait (v)
Natural greek yoghurt, layered w/ slow roasted muslie, mixed berries and seasonal fruit

Classic egg & bacon roll 8
Two free range fried eggs & crispy bacon on a milk bun

Cheesy scrambled eggs (v) 10
Mozzarella scrambled eggs w/ mushrooms & spinach on sourdough

Smashed avocado (v) 10 
Avocado on sourdough w/ crumbled feta on top
add two free range poached eggs 2

Simple eggs 7
Two plain free range eggs, poached, scrambled or fried w/ two slices of toast & butter

The Hashburger 10
Free range egg, bacon, fresh avocado, aioli, and hash browns on a milk bun

Whitehouse big brekkie 17
Two poached free range eggs, bacon, chorizo, avocado, roasted tomato, hash browns, & a cheeky slice of sourdough

- Add eggs/bacon/avocado 3
- Add hash brown/mushroom/spinach 2
* Gluten free bread available 2 *

Lunch & Dinner - after 11am


Chicken schnitzel 13 
Crispy chicken schnitty served w/ chips, salad & aioli
replace aioli w/ gravy 1

Classic chicken parma 16
Crispy chicken schnitzel topped w/ neapolitan sauce & melted cheese served w/ chips & salad

Whitehouse signature parma 18
Crispy chicken schnitzel topped/ with homemade apple cider BBQ sauce, bacon, pineapple, & avocado served w/ chips & salad

Avocado bruschetta (v) (vg option) 13 
Avocado, heirloom tomato, spanish onion & bocconcini on sourdough

Summer Wrap (vg) (gf option) 13
Mixed roasted vegetables w/ spinach and hummus

Fish & chips 14
Kosciuzsko beer battered fish served w/ chips and tartare

Barramundi 16
Grilled barramundi fillet served on a chorizo, cherry tomato, capsicum and mixed leaf salad

Grilled atlantic salmon (gf) 20
Fresh salmon served on baby spinach, spanish onion, orange w/ lemon dressing

Roast pumpkin salad (gf) (vg) 12
Slow roasted pumpkin, quinoa, chickpea and coriander w/ lemon dressing
add grilled chicken 3

Caesar salad (v option) 12
Cos lettuce, crispy bacon, parmesan cheese, croutons w/ creamy caesar dressing
add grilled chicken 3

Roast Beetroot Salad aka The Bloody Legend (gf) (v) (vg option) 12
Caramelised beetroot and onion w/ fetta, mixed leaves and balsamic glaze
add grilled chicken 3  

* Gluten free bread available 2 *


Triffid (v) 15
Pesto base, slow roasted pumpkin, feta, sundried tomato

Gone Bush (v) (vg option) 16
Mushroom, sundried tomato, capsicum, spinach, fresh avocado 

Aragon 15
Garlic & herb marinated chicken, spanish onion, sundried tomato & capsicum

Banshee 16
Tandoori chicken, spanish onion, haloumi w/ a mint yogurt swirl

Dr Who 15
Roast chicken, spanish onion, shallots, cherry tomato w/ homemade peri peri

House Dynamite 15
Chorizo, capsicum, chili flakes w/ drizzled ranch dressing

Abomination 15
Homemade apple cider bbq base w/ bacon, pineapple, and mushroom

Margarita (v) 13
Heirloom medley cherry tomatoes, bocconcini & basil

Garlic Pizza (v) 10
Crushed garlic, oregano & mozzarella

* Gluten free bases available 3 *


All served with chips

Whitehouse beef burger 15
Homemade beef patty, bacon, lettuce, sliced cheese, tomato & ranch
add free range egg 1

Chicken burger 15
Grilled chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, haloumi & garlic aioli                                      
add fresh avocado or bacon 3

Portuguese schnitzel burger 14
Crispy chicken schnitzel, lettuce tomato, peri peri
add fresh avocado or bacon 3

Chickpea Burger (v) 15
Homemade chickpea patty, tomato, lettuce & tzatziki
add fresh avocado or bacon 3

- Add Avocado, Bacon, Egg 3
* Gluten free buns available 2 *


Chips (vg) 7
Beer battered chippies

Frezny Fries (vg) 8
Beer battered chips coated in our famous spicy mix served w/ peri peri

Wedges (vg) 8
Seasoned wedges w/ sweet chili & sour cream

Sweet potato wedges (vg) 9
Thick cut sweet potato wedges served w/ aioli

Mediterranean Snack Plate (v) (gf, vg option) 9
Dolmades and Lebanese bread w/ hummus and tzatziki dip

Nachos 15
Pulled beef, red and black bean mix, jalapeno, melted cheese, salsa, fresh avocado & sour cream on corn chips

Veggie nachos (v) 13
The nachos, sans meat & added mushrooms

Chili salt squid 12
Deep fried salt and pepper squid sprinkled with chili flakes served w/ chips and peri peri

Flat white
Iced Mocha
Long black3.53.9
Chai latte3.84.3
Espresso/short black2.8
Herbal Tea
English breakfast/early grey
Study tea3
Matcha green tea4.34.8
Taro latte4.34.8
Coconut hot chocolate4.14.5
Cold brew coffee5
Juice guys
Green machine/orange/apple
Soft drinks3.5
Ginger Beer4
Lemon, lime & bitters4

BEERSchoonerPint Jug
Little Creatures Pilsner
James Squire Orcharch Crush Apple Cider


Summer Bright

Summer Bright Mando

Hahn Light

Hahn Super Dry


Little Creatures Pilsner

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Southwark Old Stout

White Rabbit White Ale

White Rabbit Dark Ale

Willowglen Semillon Sauvignon Blanc  626
La bossa pinot grigio    832
Willowglen shiraz cabernet626
Villages pinot noir938
Lorimer sparkling        622


Spiced Mojito 12 
Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, house spiced sugar syrup, fresh mint, lime, w/ mint sprig & spices garnish

Pear Warhead 12
Pear Vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, simple syrup, egg whites, w/ sherbet rim

Classic Charlie Chaplin 12
Sloe Gin, Apricot Brandy, lemon juice

Burnt Coconut Espresso Martini 12
Coconut Vodka, Espresso Vodka, burnt coconut sugar syrup, espresso w/ desiccated coconut garnish

Boys Don’t Chai 12
Fireball Whisky, Baileys, chai syrup, w/ cinnamon sugar rim & a single star anise garnish

Orange & Vanilla Sour 12
Gordon’s Gin, Aperol, Licor 43, simple syrup, lime & lemon juice, orange bitters w/ orange twist garnish

Classic Amaretto Sour 12
Di Saronno Amaretto, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg whites

Dark and Stormy 10
Vodka w/ ginger beer and lime

Long Island Ice Tea 14  
Vodka, Gin, Rum, Cointreau, Tequila w/ Coca Cola & lemon juice


Fish House Punch
Raspberry Sherbet Punch
Purple Rain
Captains Blood
Happy Hulk

The Whitehouse

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