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Kudos is a bridge between campus life and the public arts community. Sell your work with the Kudos Shop!

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The Kudos Shop offers you the opportunity to sell your work online through our online store. Receive mentoring in marketing, administration and e-commerce and gain experience in operating a small business. The Kudos Shop accepts your posters, prints, ceramics, t shirts, pins, patches and more!  

Students are required to submit a proposal that outlines a brief bio, artist / designer mission statement, CV, list of times to be made available for sale and a portfolio of work in progress or examples of previous work indicative of their proposed idea.  

How to Apply

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Kudos Shop accepts applications through open callout, hosting and selling the work of up to five emerging makers for a period of eight weeks. Applications are open to current undergraduate and post-graduate students, with the opportunity to apply as a visual artist, designer, curator or writer. Apply as an individual, or as a group, it’s up to you! 

To apply, submit a proposal which includes a brief bio, artist/ designer mission statement, and a list of items to be made available for sale. Additionally, include a portfolio of any current or previous work which relates to your project. 

Once your form has been submitted our team will be in touch with you to get your work out into the world!