2019 Arc Interns

2018 Arc Internships

2018 Arc Internships

Arc's Internship Program is currently not running in 2021. 

Still keen to work with Arc? Check out our 2021 Student Coordinator positions!

Internships where you'll do much more than pick up coffee. 

As an Arc member, you have the opportunity to gain incomparable and incredible hands-on industry experience and insights in your chosen field of study through the Arc Internship. We offer 10 positions across our departments where you have access to some of the most valuable resources (our people) in guiding you through your planned career path.To make this program even more enticing and unique, we offer students the chance to to gain hands-on industry experience AND you get paid to learn on campus in our schmick new offices!

What's in it for me?

Arc's Internship Program has the opportunity to provide practical skills that will look very shiny on your resume and assist in gaining a competitive advantage once you graduate from university.

Benefits include:

  • Paid work; 
  • Work experience in an area you want to get into;
  • Listing on your AHEGS;
  • Flexible hours - we work around your university timetable;
  • Major projects allow you to make a real impact on the organisation and student life at UNSW.

What will I be doing exactly?

Arc interns have a set list of objectives and tasks outlined in individual position descriptions. In addition, each intern is assigned a project to work on throughout the semester as well as taking part in an intern group project.

Who will be looking after me?

A designated mentor works closely with each intern throughout the year, providing regular meetings to go over completed work and create a vision for future goals. You also meet with fellow interns each fortnight to brainstorm (and share all your awesomeness).

C'mon, there's gotta be a catch?

No, no catch. It's a mutually beneficial trade of services that empowers students and enriches the organisation.

Further enquiries?

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