Learn, develop and lead. The objectives of Arc’s first ever Clubs Leadership Summit were sky high!

Across a two-day event in the Roundhouse, more than 200 Club Executives: took part in workshops, networked with like-minded future-leaders and soaked up knowledge from some of the best in the leadership business. Their goal? To make 2020 the best year yet for their Club.

The Leadership Summit’s fluid structure allowed Club Executives to pick and choose the workshops they attended, ensuring that they developed their leadership skills!

For Clubs that couldn’t make it to this Leadership Summit, we spoke to some of 2020 Executives about the biggest takeaways from the event.

1. Read up on Arc Clubs’ policies and procedures.

Arc’s Clubs and Societies team have poured blood, sweat and many Risk Management forms into procedures which ensure Clubs and Societies can run smoothly. Ellen from UNSW Newski said that the Leadership Summit has reinforced the importance of following the Arc guidelines in 2020. “Governance, procedures, ideas, communication, all that stuff is pretty important,” said Ellen. “You need to be on top of all of it to make sure your club functions effectively”.

2. Remember that a Club is team.

There’s a reason you need a certain number of people to start a Club at UNSW. To avoid burnout and one person doing EVERYTHING, delegation is key! Henry from UNSW Hockey Club said that the Summit had reminded him to read up on the specific duties of Club members roles before the start of T1. “For a Club to run effectively, you really need to learn about what role is meant to do what,” said Henry. “Then you can really nut out how all the roles work together to ensure that the society functions as a whole”.

3. The best leaders learn.

The Summit challenged incoming Club Executives to examine their leadership styles and emotional intelligence. Vihan from the Sri Lankan Society said that the workshops have given him a lot to think about over the summer break. “The Leadership & Emotional Intelligence workshops made me really think about how you can reflect on your own skills and what skills you need to acquire to be the best executive you can,” said Vihan.

4. Think about the bigger picture!

We all get hung up on the small stuff, but when it comes to Clubs and Societies, you have the chance to be bold. Be it coming up with new ideas or events, or challenging your members, now is the time to think about where you want to take your club. Alison from PsychSoc said that the Summit strengthened her determination to build a stronger Club strategy for 2020 and beyond. “In the value proposition session, I had to really think about the value of my society,” said Alison. “It really made me think about where it sits in the broader spectrum of societies and how we can standout”.

5. Don’t forget the handover!

Believe it or not, from the start of 2020, Clubs should be thinking about 2021. Steph from the UNSW Hockey Club agreed that she should already be thinking about her 2021 handover! “Don’t leave it to the last minute,” Steph said. “Something might have happened 11 months ago, but it was 11 months ago, and a lot of uni exams can occur in that time. In all likelihood, by the end of the year, you would have probably forgotten”.


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