No Pressure Space is a new exhibition space in the Art & Design office, featuring works by Art & Design students and graduates. 

No Pressure Space is a great opportunity for students to show their work in a supportive environment, without the added stress of lengthy application processes.

Come and visit us if you’ve got some work you’d like to show, we’d love to hear from you!

Past Exhibitions

Tell Ya Mates

Kieran Bryant, Claire Johnson, Athena Thebus, Lucy Zaroyko

No Pressure Space’s second exhibition for 2016, features the work of Kieran Bryant, Lucy Zaroyko, Claire Johnson and Athena Thebus, Tell Ya Mates is an exhibition that focuses on the importance of collaboration, networks and community. Two artists were invited to exhibit, who then invited two more artists. The nature of the curatorial decisions is a reflection of art school communities; working relationships born organically out of friendships. 

Everyone at art school has something they’re working on – maybe it’s similar to an idea you’ve had. Maybe you just love their work and want to talk about it, maybe you want to put it in a show. Make friends. Collaborate. Tell ya mates. 

Hang Loose & Play Nice

Kieran Butler and Caoife Power

No Pressure Space’s first exhibition, Hang Loose and Play Nice, seeks to explore the fun and playfulness of art making. In the context of an institution the pleasure of art making often becomes lost or confused and the academe takes precedence. Butler’s photographs and Power’s paintings attempt to offer a happy medium of criticality and fun. Each artist is interested in the materiality of their respective mediums interrogating their place in a contemporary art context while also enjoying the process and end result. Hang Loose and Play Nice embraces the ethos of No Pressure Space to feel the simple pleasure of exhibiting work. 

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