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The Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grants (ADG) aim to support extracurricular art & design practice by our members. 

The sky's the limit! Art & Design Grants support exhibition costs, registration fees for local or interstate conferences, travel expenses, artist fees, publicity and/or documentation of exhibitions, opening night expenses, the production of new work, publications and residency programs just to give you a few ideas ;).

In 2019 Application deadlines will run to monthly program which are only open to currently enrolled UNSW Art & Design students who are Arc members. Art & Design Grant Deadlines will close on the last Friday of every month.

2019 Deadlines:

Friday 22 February, 11:59pmFriday 28 June, 11:59pmFriday 25 October, 11:59pm
Friday 29 March, 11:59pm Friday 26 July, 11:59pmFriday 29 November, 11:59pm
Friday 26 April, 11:59pmFriday 30 August, 11:59pm
Friday 31 May, 11:59pmFriday 27 September, 11:59pm

In reviewing applications for each round, the Grants Committee shall take into consideration both the total budgeted amount for the round and the quality of applicants. The Grants Committee may award less than the budgeted amount in any one round if it sees fit.

The application form is available online here, After each deadline the application form will remain closed for one week while submissions are assessed. 

Application Overview

read full Terms and Conditions

Project Description

All applicants must submit answers to the questions, with reference to the criteria listed below.

Please provide requested information and as detailed information as possible to enable the Grants Committee to make an informed decision.

Include a reason why your project should be supported by Arc and how you will promote or acknowledge funding from us on this project. Also outline how this project will contribute towards the development of graduate attributes

As ADG has a limited budget, unfortunately not all applications can be funded. It is the discretion of the Grants Committee to nominate the amount granted, and this may be the full amount requested or a part of the amount. Applications should make requests for realistic amounts. Individual applicants may only apply for a maximum of $500 funding per year. Where partial funding has been awarded for one project an applicant may apply for a second project only up to the difference making a total of $500 per year. Once a year there may be scope to award an innovative and ongoing Art & Design community project with a larger grant up to $1,000. To qualify for the $1,000 grant this project should directly benefit the wider UNSW A&D community and have scope for sustainable longevity. 

When completing the financial section of the form, give a total of funds and fill in the breakdown of costs. Your budget should be supported by quotes or invoices. You must provide at least two quotes per item and if successful will need to keep receipts.

Add images to support your application.

Selection Criteria

In determining the ADG amount to be recommended for a project, the Grants Committee shall take into consideration the following criteria:

  • The cultural, social, historical and reputational significance of the project;
  • The contribution to the campus culture and community;
  • The contribution towards the development of graduate attributes;
  • The ability and dedication of the participant/s to use the experience gained from the project to benefit Arc members and the wider campus community;
  • The nature, topic and size of the project;
  • How innovative the activity or approach is;
  • The number of Arc members and UNSW students likely to benefit from the project;
  • The degree of planning and preparation for the project;
  • Other avenues of funding support;
  • Previous dealings between the individual or group and Arc; and
  • Any other factors considered relevant.

** Please note: Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grants (ADG) are for EXTRACURRICULAR projects only - you cannot apply for funding for a show organised in class with a lecturer or tutor, or to make work for an assessment task or class project, or to travel to collect research for your MFA or PhD for example. You can only apply for funding for additional creative pursuits that may aid your personal professional development, creative career, and or the campus community outside your degree.

Areas of Support

Areas of support include but are not limited to:

  • Materials and equipment;
  • Exhibition or gallery fees;
  • Publicity / documentation of exhibitions;
  • Catering expenses for a launch or opening;
  • Conference / Workshop Registration Fees and associated costs;
  • Transportation of artwork to and from a venue;
  • Presentation costs of artwork eg. framing or laminating.

ADG cannot cover

  • Where another Grant or Residency from Arc has been approved.
  • Retrospective applications; or
  • Arc Clubs or Art & Design Student Council initiatives (there are other grants and funding available for Clubs and Collectives, please ask the Arc staff for info);
  • Kudos Gallery Exhibitions (Arc already covers rent of the gallery space for students);
  • Any course or academic requirement;

What Now?

The Grants Committee will meet approx. two weeks after the deadline for applications close.

All applicants will be sent a letter via email informing them of the outcome of their application. Successful applicants will receive the grant in their nominated bank account as submitted on the application form. You must keep receipts for ADG funds spent and lodge them with the Arc Office on the Paddington campus no later than one month after the event.

You must officially acknowledge the support of Arc on all publicity material, e.g. invites, posters, catalogues. You are required to display the Arc logo (which we will give you) along with the following text:

“This project has benefited from an Arts & Design Grant courtesy of Arc @ UNSW Limited”

If Unsuccessful

Decisions of the Grants Committee are final, so please include all relevant information in your application. You may only submit another application for the same project if you are invited to. If you were unsuccessful simply due to a large number of applications in a round (insufficient funds), you may be invited to resubmit the same application. For feedback on your application you may contact


We look forward to hearing about your successful project or conference attendance! After completion of your project you are required to acquit your grant, which you can do via our Online Acquittal Form. It is a requirement that all successful applicants acquit their project. In order to successfully acquit your project please provide requested information in as much detail as possible. Information about the success of the project and documentation may be published on the Arc website, or in an Arc publication.

Arc @ Art & Design Grants Committee

Apply now for 2020!

Application form

The Art & Design Grants Committee is a team of students who critically assess applications for Arc's Art & Design grants program. This is a rewarding experience which allows you to deep-dive into the pool of campus talent and whilst developing your own critical thinking and application writing skills. 

All volunteering with Arc is recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement as an extracurricular activity when you graduate! 

 The Art and Design Grants Committee is a student-led volunteer team responsible for assessing grant applications in monthly rounds throughout the year; making decisions on how the budget is spent.  Other activities include assessing applications for Arc's annual   Artist in Residence program (previously The Greenhouse), and publicising the Art and Design Grants program. 

The Grants Committee is a great opportunity for you to hone your critical thinking and discussion skills, and ultimately prepare you in writing your own stellar grant applications!  

Applications for the 2020 Grants Committee are due 11.59 February 29 2020. See application form for details or contact Arc at

Art & Design Grants Tool Kit

How to Write Your Proposal

An educational resource to help you write your Art & Design Grant proposal.


Support Material

An educational resource to help you organise all of your supporting documents.


Selection Criteria and Hot Tips

An outline of the Art & Design Grant selection criteria plus some hot tips to help you write your application!



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