Arc is committed to providing members studying at UNSW Art & Design with financial support for extra- curricular art and design pursuits. The Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grants Committee considers applications to the scheme. The Grants Committee is comprised of UNSW Art & Design students who are volunteers briefed on their role and the responsibility that they carry.  

In reviewing applications for each round, the Grants Committee shall take into consideration both the total budgeted amount for the round and the quality of applications. The Grants Committee may award partial funding (less than the budgeted amount) in any one round if it sees fit.  

After the Grants Committee has met to assess the grants You are required to read through, accept and sign the terms and conditions before receiving your grant.  

Selection Criteria  

In determining the ADG amount to be recommended for a project, the Grants Committee shall take into consideration the following criteria which must be addressed through your conceptual rationale, project description and campus engagement:  

  • The cultural, social, historical and reputational significance of the project;  

  • The contribution to the campus culture and community;  

  • The contribution towards the development of UNSW graduate attributes;  

  • The ability and dedication of the participant/s to use the experience gained from the project to benefit Arc members and the wider campus community;  

  • The nature, topic and size of the project;  

  • How innovative the activity or approach is;  

  • The number of Arc members and UNSW students likely to benefit from the project;  

  • The degree of planning and preparation for the project;  

  • Other avenues of funding support;  

  • Previous dealings between the individual or group and Arc;  

  • and Any other factors considered relevant or specific to the applications submitted in each round.  

** Please note Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grants (ADG) are for EXTRACURRICULAR projects only - you cannot apply for funding for a show organised in class with a lecturer or tutor, or to make work for an assessment task or class project, or to travel to collect research for your MFA or PhD for example. You can only apply for funding for additional creative pursuits that may aid your personal professional development, creative career, and or the campus community outside your degree. If you are unsure whether your proposal is extracurricular, please discuss with Arc prior to application deadlines. 

Areas of Support 

Areas of support include but are not limited to;

  • Materials and equipment;  
  • Publicity / documentation of exhibitions;  
  • Catering expenses for a launch or opening;  
  • Conference / Workshop Registration Fees and associated costs;  
  • Transportation of artwork to and from a venue;  
  • Presentation costs of artwork eg. framing or laminating.  

Art & Design Grants Cannot Cover  

  • Any course or academic requirement;  

  • AD Space exhibitions (in partnership with UNSW Art & Design AD Space is already subsidised for UNSW Art & Design staff and students).  

  • Kudos Gallery Exhibitions (Arc already covers rent of the gallery space for students);  

  • Arc Clubs or Art & Design Student Council Collectives (there are other grants and funding available for Clubs and Collectives, please ask the Arc staff for info);  

  • Retrospective applications where projects occur before the ADG application deadline. Projects which take place during the two-week review period and before opening of the next month’s grant are still considered eligible.

  • Where another Grant or Residency funding from Arc has been approved.  


You are eligible to apply for an Art & Design Grant if:  

  • you are a student currently enrolled in a program of study at the University of New South Wales, and are an active member of Arc @ UNSW Limited for 2020; 

  • You are eligible to apply for further funding in 2020 should You have only received partial funding for an exhibition/event/project in 2020. 

  • Only one application for funding is eligible for consideration per exhibition/event/project. 

You are ineligible to apply for an Art & Design Grant if:  

  • You are not enrolled in a program of study at the University of New South Wales in 2020;  

  • Are not an active member of Arc @ UNSW Limited for 2020;  

  • and have previously received full funding for an exhibition/event/project in 2020.

Timeline and Important Dates

  • In 2020 there are five funding rounds occurring every second month between February- November. For a full list of dates please refer to this webpage
  • Deadlines occur on the last Friday of each month at 11.59 PM. 
  • Online application forms remain closed for a week after each deadline while the Grants Committee assesses applications for the previous month’s round. 
  • The Grants Committee aims to meet one week after grant deadlines, you can expect to be notified the outcome of your submission within a fortnight this deadline. (Should there be any delays to the procedure, you will be contacted via email.) 
  • Successful grants applicants are required to sign and return a completed contract to the Arc @ UNSW Art @ Design Manager before funds can be released. 
  • Acquittals are due than two weeks after the completion of projects and are to be submitted to the Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Manager. 



Before submitting your application to the Art & Design Grants, please be aware that successful applicants are subject to the following terms and conditions.  

By clicking “I agree” You confirm that You understand, agree to and accept all terms and conditions contained here.  


  1. Successful applicants are only able to receive up to a maximum of $500 of funding per year. Where an applicant has previously received partial Arc Grants funding, further applications can only be funded up to the difference of $500 per year.

  2. Funding must be used for the project the applicant has applied for.

  3. Unless a variation is approved by the Art & Design Grants committee or an authorised member of Arc @ UNSW, You must use the funding solely for the purpose for which it was approved and the commencement and completion dates of Your exhibition/event/project must be adhered to. Arc @ UNSW has the right to request the return of funds if any part of the funding is not used for the purpose for which it was offered, or if any activities are not completed within the dates specified in the contract. 

  4. Reasons for variation in Your exhibition/event/project over the course of its development must be outlined in your acquittal as explained in section two of these terms and conditions. 

  5. Should Your project be cancelled due to reasons beyond Your control resulting in the failure or non-completion of your original exhibition/event/project, e.g. strikes, riots, fires, floods, explosions, natural disasters, serious accidents, acts of governments, acts of god or the public enemy, failure of transportation, epidemics, or quarantine restrictions. You may resubmit a proposal to change Your exhibition/event/project upon consultation with the Art & Design Grants committee. 

  6. You may only submit one application for funding per exhibition/event/project. In the instance where multiple applications have been submitted for an exhibition/event/project only one allocation of funding will be made should the application be deemed successful by the Art & Design Grants Committee. 

  7. Decisions of the Grants Committee are final, so please include all relevant information in your application. You may only submit another application for the same project if you are invited to. If you were unsuccessful simply due to a large number of applications in a round (insufficient funds), you may be invited to resubmit the same application. For feedback on your application you may contact artdesign@arc.unsw.edu.au


  1. If You are deemed to be successful by the Art & Design Grants Committee, You are required to acquit your exhibition/event/project and submit to the Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Manager. 

  2. You agree that your acquittal is due no later than two weeks after the completion of your proposed exhibition/event/project. 

  3. In Your acquittal, You are required to include; a recount of Your exhibition/event/project, an evaluation of the successes and challenges of Your exhibition/event/project, all receipts from expenditure associated with Your exhibition/event/project, and high quality photo documentation of Your exhibition/event/project. 

  4. You are required to submit your acquittal and supporting documentation via Arc @ UNSW's online acquittal form. If Your documentation is in the form of a video or an online publication You must provide Arc @ UNSW Art & Design with an accessible link.

Applicant Obligations

  1. Payment of a successful applicants Art & Design Grant is contingent on Arc receiving: 

  2. A completed application with all required information. Incomplete application forms will not be eligible for an Art & Design Grant. 

  3. A completed and signed contract where You agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this document. 

  4. You agree to participating in any activities related to Arc @ UNSW upon invitation in regards to Your successful application and exhibition/event/project. This may include but is not limited to: 

    • Articles for all Arc @ UNSW publications (arcadia, blitz, Framework etc). 

    • Student forums, information sessions or artist/designer/producer/curator/writer/coordinator talks. 

    • Representing Arc @ UNSW at functions and events. 

  5. Your involvement in Arc related events and activities will be documented for archival, marketing and communications purposes. 

  6. This documentation will be available for your use and also for Arc @ UNSW's use for any publications, marketing, events, activities, social media or any online platform.

Photographic Release

  1. By submitting an application, You agree that information about the successes and challenges of your exhibition/event/project, photographic documentation, videos or content published online provided in your acquittal may be used for marketing or promotional purposes. 

  2. Arc reserves the right to use Your likeness and work in any photographs, video or audio recordings provided to Arc or taken by Arc, during or after Your exhibition/event/project, for any legitimate purpose without further approval from You.  

  3. You agree to release Arc from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of Your likeness and work, including but not limited to, claims for invasion of privacy, defamation, or financial compensation.  

  4. Arc will not identify You by name unless specifically authorised to do so.  

Acknowledgment of Support

  1. You must officially acknowledge the support of Arc on all publicity material associated with Your exhibition/event/project e.g. invitations, posters, catalogues, social media, and other related print or online content. 

  2. You are required to display the Arc logo provided to you in the Art & Design Grants information pack with the following text:

    • "This project has benefitted from an Art & Design Grant courtesy of Arc @ UNSW Limited".  


  1. This agreement (which includes the Waiver of Liability form) is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of New South Wales, Australia, and shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales. In the event that any clause or provision of this agreement be held to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions which shall continue to be enforceable.

You can request a PDF of this document by contacting Arc at artdesign@arc.unsw.edu.au

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