2007 Exhibition Program

Camp Eks Reigh

Domestic Love

Cloud Field
Michaela Gleave


Cute But Ugly
Kristone Capistrano

Revealing & Reliving
Tim Anastasi and Angelo Polizogopoulos

In Black
Susanna Strati

Skin Deep
Maria Christou and Nick Baldas

He Said She Said
Lauren Brown, Tim Bruniges, Benja Harney, Sarah Mosca, Nana Ohnesorge, Nikki Smith, Paul Turner, David Wills

FujiFilm Site Unseen

Down to Earth

Compass II
Atanas Djonov

Dave Withers and Lachlan Anthony

Parasite Rotterdam

Under Her Skin
Katherine Olston

Spaced In
Dave Withers, Tara Cook, Lena Obergfell, Damien King, Lachlan Anthony

Sandra Landolt

Camera Mortuaria
Tina Fiveash


The Private Life of Ups and Downs
Anna John and Keg De Souza


Tim Olsen Drawing Prize

Contemporary Tales of Muted Truths
Amanda Wood and Manuela Alebardi

Golden Ticket - Arc @ UNSW Emerging Artists and Designer Award

Tania Browitt, Gonzalo Echeverria, Andrew Tenison and Caterina Pacialeo

The Alumni Prize

Grotto Metro
Justin Shoulder

Time & Reference