Kudos Gallery Curator & Critic Awards

Kudos Gallery is run by UNSW Art & Design students. It is an 'artist run' space funded by Arc @ UNSW Limited. Kudos Gallery is situated close to the UNSW Art & Design campus at 6 Napier Street Paddington. 

Kudos Gallery aims to provide a venue for the exploration of emerging and experimental art practices in Sydney. We create opportunities for current UNSW students and the broader arts community to foster professional practices and experience in the development of exhibition networks. We also provide a forum for critical dialogue and debate, and we encourage interdisciplinary as well as legitimate experimental work. 

In 2016, Kudos Gallery launched the Early Career Curator Award a prize open to the public awarding one curator the opportunity to develop an exhibition for Kudos Gallery through a sustained mentorship Program. The inaugural recipient Anthony Bautovich produced the exhibition Monumentalism which featured a mix of Sydney and international artists alongside current UNSW Art & Design students. 

In 2017, Kudos Gallery launched the Emerging Critics Award, awarding a current UNSW Art and Design student the opportunity to work with a Kudos Gallery exhibition to produce a critical essay, and chair a public program for that exhibition. The critic received mentorship from the Kudos Gallery team and editorial support from the Framework editor. The inaugural recipient of the Emerging Critics Award was Serafina Lee who worked with that year's Early Career Curator Awardee Zorica Purlija on her exhibition Realising Mother.

In 2018, Tracing the archipelago was curated by Jenny Anagnostopoulos and Yarran Gatsby as part of the ECCA, which explored the idiosyncrasies involved in navigating of space. Through a series of conceptual and material investigations, artists examined multiple terrains of everydayness that are shaped by political, cultural and economic models and envisioned new ways to traverse and disrupt them. Presented in association with Tracing the archipelago Desire Lines ran a walking series. Stella Maynard, the recipient of the Emerging Critics Award, responded with a review which was published on Runway Conversations.

In 2019, Poetics of the Line was curated by Tim Marvin as part of the ECCA. The curatorial project aimed to survey a decade of artistic practice that actuate critical and creative configurations of the 'line’ which derive from a continuity of political, personal and aesthetic motivations. The ECA recipient, Rebecca Hall, wrote a review on Runway Journal Conversations.

Sadly due to the impact of COVID-19 on our 2020 exhibition programming we've had to, at present, cancel the Kudos Gallery Emerging Curator and Critics awards.

Early Career Curator Award

This award is for all curators in the early stages of their careers to propose an exhibition to be presented at Kudos Gallery.

The winning curator is awarded:

- A full space exhibition at Kudos Gallery

    - A $500 curatoral fee
    - A public program developed in collaboration with the semester two Emerging Critics Award recipient
    - A designed, digital exhibition catalogue, to be published through the Kudos Gallery website
    - Mentorship with an professional arts curator from the local professional arts community and with the Coordinator of Kudos Gallery and Manager at Arc UNSW Art & Design

Emerging Critics Award

This award is for writers and critics studying at UNSW Art & Design, and is run in partnership with UNSW Art & Design's Framework Journal.

The winning critic is awarded:

  • $500 writers fee

  • Editorial mentorship from Runway Journal, as the critic's develops a critical essay in responses to an upcoming exhibition at Kudos Gallery

  • The publishing of their article on professional arts writing platforms Runway Conversations and Framework.

  • The critic will also chair or help to produce a workshop/panel discussion in partnership with their reviewed project.

  • The critic will receive curatorial support from Kudos Gallery through the development of this public program, and additional editorial support from the Coordinator

Kudos Gallery Coordinator

Audrey Pfister


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A:6 Napier St, Paddington NSW 2021

Arc at Art & Design


H:Office open 10am - 4pm

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