The Green House Residency

The Green House is a residential artist's studio located on the UNSW Fowlers Gap Research Station near Broken Hill, far west NSW. The studio is virtually in the middle of nowhere, amazing, it's equipped with a kitchenette and can accommodate up to five people, that's you plus four guests!

The purpose of The Green House Student Residency program is to enable Art & Design students who are Arc Members subsidised access to Fowlers Gap to create and develop their work.

Whilst priority is given to Art & Design Postgraduate students, Undergrads and students from other Faculties at UNSW are welcome to apply.

Applications for the Green House are open all year round and reviewed on a monthly basis in conjunction with the Art & Design Grants.

The Application form is available online here.

About Fowlers Gap

The Arid Zone Research Station at Fowlers Gap (‘FG’) is a UNSW research and teaching facility, and the site of ILIRI’s Research Resident Program. Located 110 km north of Broken Hill, in the ‘Corner Country’ of the New South Wales’ far west, FG is a 38,800 hectare property featuring the stark rocky uplands of the northern Barrier Range dissected by ephemeral creeks flowing out across a shrub steppe to a floodplain of red soils. The average rainfall of 240 mm (9 inches) is distributed throughout the year. Many of the roads around FG are unsealed dirt roads that can become unpassable for a few days after rain. As FG is in an arid zone, the daytime temperatures, especially in spring and summer can be extremely high. Similarly, at night the temperature can fall rapidly becoming quite cool or cold, especially in autumn and winter.

The Green House is situated beside Homestead Creek, Fowlers Gap, separate from, but in view of the Homestead complex. The self-contained house can accommodate up to four (4) guests. Bedding and cooking/eating utensils are supplied.

The Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grants Committee considers applications to the Studio. The Grants Committee is comprised of UNSW Art & Design students who are volunteers briefed on their role and the responsibility that they carry.


The Imaging the Land International Research Institute (‘ILIRI’) was established in 2003 by a group of artist-lecturers within UNSW Art & Design. One of ILIRI’s aims is to encourage dialogue across a widespectrum of approaches to imaging the land in art; a dialogue composed not only of words, but also of enduring artworks.

Central to this vision is the creation of opportunities for artists to work in the Australian desert. The desert is a significant site in the context of Indigenous and Western art making in Australia. Through the ILIRI Research Resident Program, ILIRI seeks to provide a unique opportunity for artists to experience the Australian desert and rethink their perceptions of the land.


Applications for the Green House Studio Residency Program are open all year Round! Submit your application at anytime during the year to be considered for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Terms and Conditions

Selection Criteria

The residency is intended to facilitate commencement or completion of a specific project by the applicants. Students working in any medium are eligible to apply, but their work at Fowlers Gap should be concerned with an aspect of imaging the land. Artists with a demonstrated commitment to this are especially encouraged to apply. Applications for a project that is by its nature collaborative will also be accepted.

Selection will be based on merit subject to availability.

The following criteria will be used:

  • Reasons for undertaking the proposed study and the nature of the Artistic Activity
  • Quality of the project
  • Why the subsidised studio space is necessary for the commencement/completion of the project
  • The relevance of Fowlers Gap to the artistic activity proposed to be carried out
  • The contribution towards the development of graduate attributes

What Now?

The Grants Committee will meet approx. two weeks after the deadline for applications close.

All applicants will be sent an email informing them of the outcome of their application.

When an applicant is successful for the Program, they will be sent a copy of the Conditions of Use to read through and sign before “going out there”.

Successful applicants are required to contact the FG Director at least 4 days before arrival to notify him of your ETA (estimated time of arrival) and arrange a meeting time for induction. E T 08 8091 2511 (admin, office hours only).

Residents are required to undergo an induction about Fowlers Gap at the start of the residency.

Residents are also required to settle any bills (accommodation for guests, phone calls, fuel) in cash BEFORE leaving Fowlers Gap. Whilst Arc @ UNSW will subsidise the accommodation costs for Arc members, phone calls, fuel, internet and other expenses are not included. Rates for non-Arc members vary depending on number of nights and how many other guests.

The applicant and all accompanying people must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Arc, ILIRI and FG prior to the Residency.

After Your Visit

After your visit you are required to write a brief report and submit it electronically via our Org Sync aquittal form. Your are required to write a maximum of 500 words detailing your intention, your experience when out there and the result of your stay at the Green House. Please note that projects at the Green House do not have to result in a finished work, we just want to know your outcome and what direction it has taken your research.

You are also required to include documentation in the form of images, links and / or written material produced out there. You will be able to upload these through our Org Sync form.

Information about the success of the project and images may be published on the Arc website, or in an Arc publication.

Image credits: 1) Kieran Bryant, Chicken against the blue, 2016. Film Still.

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