SHORT FILMS WANTED! No experience needed!

Students of UNSW, have you ever wanted to make a film? Ever made a short film and just haven’t had a platform to exhibit it? 

In order to push a more creative agenda in university life and media, from now til Week 9 of T3 2019 Blitz will be accepting, and posting select student made short films shot completely on the phone! At the end of the T3 there will be a film festival exhibiting all films followed by an Academy-style Award Ceremony for the films. 

Maybe you’re an up and coming filmmaker. Maybe you just have a fun idea. Maybe you have no experience or passion for filmmaking and you want to troll us. Whatever your drive, in order to participate in this short film festival/competition, all you need to do is make a short film shot completely on a mobile phone. 


  • Must be completely shot on phone
  • Can be edited in editing software
  • Recommended to make original soundtracks in order to avoid copyright issues
  • Max. 5mins per a film (not super strict, but pretty strict)

How to enter:

1. Upload the film to YouTube or to GoogleDrive or any Share Point of some sort.

2. Send the link to with a brief synopsis of the film. Please use the subject line 'Blitz Short Film Festival Challenge'.

Good luck up and coming filmmakers…and remember - the only way to be a filmmaker is by making films.

Here's an exemplar horror short film by some of our Blitz Veterans:

Playlist | Year 6 Disco

Autosuggest @ Staves Brewery