BY Divine Aaron

When the world is a whirlwind of people in their own monotonous routines, it is quite difficult for one to be grateful. What is there to be grateful for? I have 3 tests, 2 assignments, 9 hours of lectures to catch up on, I don’t understand anything, and every second I spend at uni my student debt accumulates.  

The world forces me to meet deadlines and do work I don’t want to do; it doesn’t care about how I feel or even if I’m okay. Thus ultimately, my happiness is my responsibility, and so I took up gratitude journaling for a week.

The first few days were quite underwhelming, given that disasters and other disruptions to my daily routine were more evident than anything positive. I honestly wasn’t too sure what there was to be grateful for. Initially I noted things which didn’t go completely wrong such as ‘the 891 wasn’t too late’ and ‘didn’t catch chlamydia from the lab today’. However, as I actively pursued positivity, I adopted a new mindset and began to appreciate the small and serendipitous pleasures of life. Seeing an old friend in the walkway, a perfectly ripe avocado and flawlessly shooting a paper ball into the bin, all made me smile a little inside. At the end of the week I felt:

-          less materialistic as I was more grateful for the lovely people in my life.

-          more motivated to be kind and spread happiness.

-          more resilient (it’s ok if the bus is late because at least I didn’t have to walk to uni like USYD people lol).

-          more open to new experiences, places and people.

As a consequence of writing these things down, I was able to reflect on my growing collection of gratifying memories and acknowledge how great my life actually was.

I will certainly continue gratitude journaling and I recommend it because it’s easy to do and very rewarding.

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