BY Steven Christie

Don’t be put off by its strange folds and clips, the Crumpler Propeller might not have the usual shape you’d expect in a backpack, but it’s a storage powerhouse for any student that needs easy accessibility, in a cool, comfortable style!

Accessibility is the Propeller’s strong suit, boasting multiple ways you can grab what you need from your bag and get it back into place without any fuss, with a large interior and three external pockets. The large front pocket was great for my books, whether I needed whip out my notebook for a lecture and slot it back in without having to rummage around, or even on a quick bus ride and wanted to knock out a chapter of a novel. The two side pockets were perfect for my smaller valuables. I kept my wallet and keys in one, and my wireless earphones in another. The main interior of the bag however is the most interesting. It has what you’d expect from most laptop bags, with slots and pockets and a large open space that I used for my jacket, camera, and some larger books. 

You’d usually access the inside from the wide zipper on the top, but instead the top actually folds over the outside of the bag and is clipped down for extra security. How did I get to my things then without fumbling and having to unzip and unclip everything? That’s where the final access point comes in: a wide zipper on the side allows you access to the bag’s interior, which was perfect for quickly grabbing things from inside.

In my couple of weeks wearing this around I haven’t just felt secure, but comfortable too! Its shape sits so comfortable, and it also allows you to clip the straps along your chest for extra support. The Propeller is perfect for a student or a traveller that needs secure comfort, and easy access.

Check out the Crumpler Propeller here or shop the whole line. Thanks to Crumpler for sending up this backpack to review!


BY Carla Zuniga Navarro

This backpack is perfect for the student on the go (and perfect to sleep on while on the bus to/from uni).

The Crumpler Orbital Flight is soft, spacious and basically a stunner of a backpack. Throughout the two weeks that i tried it out, it was able to hold all of my gym gear, my lunch, my laptop and various other miscellaneous goods while still feeling light and lacking bulkiness. It was basiclaly a dream backback, with the added bonus of a sleek design and soft make that allowed me to use it as a pillow on those early morning commutes.

This backpack is light in colour, so if you're a bit clumsy with your coffee I would recommend buying it in the black. It's fold over design and zip mean you never have to worry about anything falling out, and also means you have a lot of extra space to play with when you need it. It's basically the perfect travel backpack and has quickly become my go-to on a daily basis. Although the price tag may seem a bit steep, when you compare the quality, size, comfort AND the fact that it's waterproof, you relaly cant go wrong.

Check out the Crumpler Orbital Flight here or shop the whole line. Thanks to Crumpler for sending up this backpack to review!

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