BY Sam King

The new EP from Melbourne band DIET, their second in three years, is being released on the 24th of August. Blitz was lucky enough to get an early listen to Sundown, an EP bursting with frantic energy. 

It’s a collection of bright, bubbly indie rock songs that place you in the centre of a sprawling mosh pit. Somehow, the 5-piece has managed to transfer the atmosphere so many young bands strive for at gigs into a studio recording, and the result is six tracks that are so completely full of life.

The opening track, Don’t Need It bursts into action with pounding drums, before tightly wound guitars get you up and on your feet. Straight away, DIET set the mood, make you want to dance and get you wondering how good these guys would sound live.

The rapid snares and mumbled vocals in Game Plan are reminiscent of ‘90s Britpop, with a sunny Aussie twist. Lead single Take Me is the best at showcasing frontman Benny O’s vocals. The chorus seems like it was designed to be sung along to at the top of your lungs.

The second single ‘Danny Boy’ produces a vintage jangle pop vibe I can’t resist, with a catchy guitar riff intertwined with subtle synth tones, culminating in a soaring tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Whirring synths in title track ‘Sundown’ build up to a powerful chorus, making this song a standout from the EP. The jangly guitars and energetic bass riffs exhibited throughout these tracks are brought together to create the most intense 5-minute stretch of the EP.

The closing track, ‘In Focus’, is a slower one. It dials back on the energy from earlier but doesn’t lose any of the charm. The song is more percussion-focused, with the cascading drums being a perfect accompaniment to the harmonies of the chorus. It’s a fitting farewell for what has been a thoroughly impressive set of energetic, catchy tunes bound to linger with you. These songs will no doubt continue to swirl around your brain, the sweet sound of those guitars ringing in your ears for days to come.

DIET will be playing BIGSOUND, NYE On the Hill + additional shows in Sydney and Melbs. Find out more here.

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