BY Sam King

Edward R. has returned with his first new music in two years, a single called ‘Paradise’. 

The lush, 60s inspired track is a shimmeringly bright reflection on the people that make life that much better by just being there.

Starting with the chirping of birds, ‘Paradise’ builds up not just a rhythm but a soundscape, an environment to be transported away to. The pulsing drum and bassline kick in, a throbbing beat to get your head nodding along. Above all of that are whirring synths that glide above the beat like the colourful birds you heard earlier.

As Edward R. builds towards the chorus, he paints a picture of someone trudging through life, plodding along to the beat. All of a sudden, a twinkling sound radiates above it all, the sun shining down. He sings,

“You make me feel like paradise, and you take my heart and twice as nice, and I’m never going to leave your side, no matter what the future’s like, as long as we’re in paradise.”

The mood is instantly transformed, we’re no longer just going through the motions. We’re soaring through the clouds in a vivid dream, all the worries in the world down below are mere glimmers in the distance. By the time the synths wind down and you’re left with the drum beat and a piano chord, you’ll be smiling. Edward R. just made everything a little bit brighter, a little bit happier, a bit closer to Paradise.

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