BY Karen Yu

Get to know the KPOP group KARD who will be touring in Australia and at our university!

KARD (also stylised as K.A.R.D) is the only actively promoting South Korean co-ed group today. They are managed by DSP Media who has a history of managing co-ed groups, making them stand out amongst the numerous bands active today.

The four-member group consists of J.Seph, BM, Somin and Jiwoo. They made their hot debut in December 2016 with their hit song 'Oh NaNa' featuring one of their label mates. Following on with this, they released several singles including 'Don't Recall' and 'Rumour' and finally released a mini album in 2017 named 'Hola Hola'. Promoting with their title song with the same name, 'Hola Hola' further helped them gain international exposure with an upbeat and funky rhythm that showcased their fun and playful charms. This also showed that as a group, they could pull off a variety of concepts ranging from dark and sexy to bright and cheerful. Releasing another mini album, 'You & Me' at the end of last year, they promoted their title track 'You In Me' which again proved their capabilities of going from a fun concept to a dark and more emotional one.

Being such a trendy group KARD garnered a lot of attention and love within their first year as artists having won the Rookie Award for the "Asia Artist Awards" and the Hottest Rookie award for the "CJ E&M America Awards" for 2017. They were also nominated for the Best New Artist award for the "Melon Music Awards" which shows their popularity as rookies in the industry.

In 2017, they also embarked on their first tour "WILD KARD", touring cities in America, Europe and South America. Now, they are back with a part two for their 2018 "WILD KARD" tour. They will be touring our Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney. Their concerts in Australia are organised by Fast Track Events and their Sydney concert will be held at UNSW Roundhouse on the 29th April and has seen a great success with ticket sales so far. The tickets to their Melbourne concert were so popular that the organiser added extra tickets after it was sold out, showing KARD's popularity in Australia.

Their unique name, comes with a deeper meaning that each member of the group represents one card from a deck of cards. Each member has their own charms that are unique to them but they all come together to create a strong connection to show off an amazing performance as a team. Their fandom name is 'Hidden KARD' which carries on a special meaning from their debut track that had a 'hidden' member which was their label mate Heo Youngji that featured in the song.


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