BY Will Cook

If you don’t love ABBA, you are in denial. In 2008, Meryl Streep, or the queen of cinema, translated the success of the stage musical Mamma Mia to the screen. The result, a toe-tapping box office bonanza. From families, to pensioners, to the reclusive Netflix binger, the film strung together the Swedish foursomes’ greatest musical successes for a delightful corn-fest.

If you haven’t seen the original, Mamma Mia’s plotline is as sugary and ridiculous as most Broadway shows. Donna (Streep) owns a Greek Island villa. Her daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is getting married and wants both her parents to attend. The catch Sophie doesn’t know who her is father. Rather than take a paternity test, Sophie secretly invites three potential fathers to the Greek resort. The result? An ABBA induced concoction of heartbreak and joy.

10-years-later, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again has arrived. Rather than go into this one sober, grab a glass of cheap bubbly, get your grandma’s tapping shoes and ready yourself for pointless perfection. Here are 10 alcohol developed thoughts you’ll have while watching this creation of candied pleasure.

1. Unfortunately Meryl either wasn’t available or she read the script and decided to sit this one out.

Yes, Donna is dead. In her place creators have wrangled to put together a storyline in which Sophie is planning to reopen her mother’s villa, to be called Villa Donna in her honour. While Sophie stresses, viewers are transported to a flashback sequences of Donna in her youth as she finds her way to the Greek Islands

2. Lilly James is a majestic being.

While Old Donna is very much dead, Lilly James’ younger incarnation of the care-free spirit is very much alive. Frolicking through Europe with her able sidekicks Rosie and Tanya, James oozes the freeness and ease of a 21-year-old’s European Instagram.

3. Are these flashbacks an apparition or did they let the work experience kid use the green screen?

While this sequel does make you want to book an overseas trip ASAP, the streets of Paris seem more filtered than normal. Meanwhile that Grecian water sure is a glistening blue.

4. How can one person meet so many attractive people in the space of a week?

The flashbacks tell the story of how and why Donna found herself, in debt and owning a Greek villa. Relatable much. Along the way, she meets and falls head over heels in love with three different men. Who knew a week in Europe was all it took? I should really get off Tinder.

5. ABBA’s repertoire probably can’t sustain two films

The original film combined all the ABBA classics that you either sung in the car with mum and dad, or continue to request at any and all 21st parties when your mind is a fuzzy blank. Have you heard of “When I Kissed the Teacher” or “One of Us”? Neither, but ABBA fanatics will revel in the B-sides.

6. The Tanya/Rosie relationship symbolises every modern friendship.

Tanya (Christine Baranski) is a 6-foot sixty-year-old fox. She swigs cocktails, dresses like one of those mothers who has someone else do all the work and chases after much younger men. Rosie (Julie Walters) is like your tuckshop lady with a spicier side. The double act is infectious viewing, and will remind you of you and your best-mate jibing and vibing.

7. I am beginning to wonder if there is any plotline

About half-way through Here We Go Again, as we ebb and flow between flashbacks and the present, you’ll begin to wonder if there is any plotline. While Sophie prepares for the opening of the commemorative Villa, young Donna slowly makes her way on her journey of self-discovery. Throw in a couple tunes and that’s about it.

8. 10 years looks like 20 for Pierce

All of the original cast return for this sequel. That means Sophie’s dad(s) all descend upon Villa Donna for a piss-up. While Meryl is ageless of course (#queen), 10 years hasn’t been as kind to Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard. Also, surely Pierce’s Harry is the father?

9. Every film should have Cher arriving via plane

This diva comes. She sings Fernando. She conquers.

10. Can I watch that again?

Yes, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again is about as pointless as another ABBA tribute band, but Mamma Mia and Bang a Boomerang, it sure is a glitter ball of fun.

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