BY Ayu Kesuma

Global superstars BTS have marked the end of their Love Yourself series with a new chapter, Map Of The Soul: Persona

BTS, or Bangtan Sonyeondan (which translates into Bulletproof Boys Scouts), have continuously broken records for the past two years. They were the first Korean act to perform and be nominated at the BBMAs, have presented awards on the Grammys, and were also the first Korean musical act to perform on Saturday Night Live.

Consisting of seven members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, BTS are known for their deep yet witty lyrics that address current social issues through their sparkly songs. This album focuses on the message of self-love. It was inspired by a book, Jung’s Map Of The Soul, and they aim to address the strength that came from their fans, the BTS ARMYs. When asked about the meaning behind Persona, RM said “this album contains our honest feelings, and as we find ourselves receiving the amazing love of our fans around the world, this is our process of discovering ourselves.”

The lead single is another hit, ‘Boy With Luv’ featuring Halsey. The music video reached over 100 million views in less than two days and broke the YouTube record for the most viewed video in 24 hours with 74 million views.

“I’m curious about everything, how’s your day? Oh tell me, what makes you happy? Oh text me”. It is spring for the north of the world and ‘Boy With Luv’ perfectly portrays that fresh blossoming feeling when you have started to develop a bond with someone. The guitar strum at the beginning gives off 80s funk-pop vibes that instantly makes you groove along once the song starts. It is then followed by Suga’s rap, which added a unique flow to the song. The chorus sung by Halsey is very catchy. The “Oh my my my, oh my my my” will surely be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Overall, this track was very easy listening compared to other previous BTS singles.

‘Make It Right’ is a collaboration track with Ed Sheeran. Unlike ‘Boy With Luv’, this track sounds a lot calmer and refined, something that you would listen while walking when the sun is setting. It has a simple synth repetitive melody, which sounds like ‘Shape Of You’ when you listen to it. The song is dedicated to the fans that have brought BTS to where they are now. “Baby I know, I can make it better, I could hold you tighter”, sounds like written wishes for a better relationship. It’s sung beautifully, and you feel better after listening to it.

Judging by the light pink album cover, no one would ever think there would be a heavy track included. The album closes with a head-banging track called ‘Dionysus’. After being feeling all lovesick and emotional, it’s time to party! Reference is made to the famous Greek mythology Dionysus, the God of grape and wine harvest. In the music itself, the electric guitar melds together while the falsetto by all of the vocalists screams celebrations.

With the total of 7 tracks, listening to each track one by one made me feel like I was starting off with a merry-go-round and ending up on a heart-racing roller coaster ride. The arrangement of the tracks was elevating and it made me curious every time one song ended. For the BTS ARMYs, I believe this album was light compared to the previous albums, and for those who are unfamiliar with BTS, this album could be your new jam to accompany your day.

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