BY Micol Berkowicz

The new self-titled EP by POLOSHIRT, a unique-funk, electro-pop collaboration between Winston Surfshirt and Polographia, oozes a blissful flow of smooth keys and gentle vocals.

The Poloshirt EP features a cacophony of local artists from Sweat it Out, including Nasty Mars, Prince J and Jordan Dennis. Triple J and other radio stations have praised the 7-track EP, which was a side project for both of the artists. The silky tunes make you want to hibernate in on your Saturday night, with a scented candle and a slightly too full glass of red, while you shamelessly groove in front of the mirror.

The debut song ‘Pinned Upon’ is an obvious hit. The song is a fusion of two golden ages, Funk and electro-pop, intertwined in a romantic, velvety embrace. The layering of rhythmic drumbeats, mellow keys and Winston’s tranquillising vocals, ripen the EP into a fruity concoction of modern electro-funk euphoria. The sweet-sounding hooks make the track infectious, as Winston’s ballad fluctuates between a caressing tone and a unique falsetto chorus. The tunes between Polographia and Winston Surfshirt create an atmosphere of chilled vibes and warmth on your winters night.

The Poloshirt EP is rich with other strong tracks like ‘Imma Give Em’ which features Aussie rapper, Nasty Mars. The silky collide of electronica and 90s RnB swag adds an old school playfulness. Whereas, the soulful duet in ‘Too Good To Be True’ featuring Prince J transports the audience to a desolate lounge where it’s just Prince J and POLOSHIRT dripping out sweet honey.

The Poloshirt EP, is a successful first installment for POLOSHIRT. It feeds the hunger that Polographia had first installed into the audience when they asked Winston Surfshirt to collaborate with them on the single ‘Sly’ back in 2016. Each track cascades into the next, melting soul and rap together. The Poloshirt EP will keep you toasty until summer hit’s again, so ditch your turtleneck sweaters and put on the latest track to warm yourself up.

The Poloshirt EP is out now on Sweat It Out.

POLOSHIRT will be kicking off their EP National tour at Sydney’s intimate Oxford Art Factory on the 9 AUG. Find out more here.

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