BY Grace Miner

‘The Last 5 Years’ is a story about two people in love, but it is so much more than just a love story. 

As director of the UNSW Musical Theatre Society (MTS) show Kate Cameron explained, “it is a rollercoaster of emotions.” From the moment you enter the room you feel like a part of the show; you go through the highs and lows and relate to the situation perhaps more than you might like.

Upon entering the theatre you are met with a very intimate space. It is dimly lit yet has a warmth to it that hints at romance and excitement. The band tucked away to the side of the stage blends in with their black backdrop, but once they begin to play there is no hiding their presence. They fill the room; creating the illusion you are sitting in a concert hall and take you on a journey of emotions.

Featuring just two characters and told in a non-traditional way, this show is unique. But all of its quirks make it that much more powerful. The show follows Jaime (Jack Dawson) and Cathy (Lily Stokes) who’s relationship is struggling to survive as each person grows and changes over the years, and as they struggle to deal with each others successes and failures. It is the brutal reality of being young and in love that is not always spoken about.