Work-Integrated Learning

Are you a UNSW student looking for work-integrated learning opportunities? Blitz is excited to announce that in 2019 we will be taking 15 students per semester in Blitz Placements. You will be able to complete your 100-150 internship hours by contributing to Blitz online, Blitz TV or Blitz Radio.

What is Blitz? 

Blitz is an integrated student run media platform, covering UNSW and student content. Existing across three major channels (podcast, online and video) it is the ultimate ‘what’s on’ guide for UNSW, providing coverage of events, music, popular culture and student opinion. Blitz interviews artists, performers and celebrities and reviews shows, events and festivals providing student content creators unique behind the scenes access. Blitz also has a strong focus on encouraging up and coming writers, featuring opinion pieces, creative writing and showcasing artistic talent within the UNSW community. 

In 2018, Blitz has expanded its media presence and has covered events such as Groovin’ the Moo, Splendor in the Grass, VidCon, MBFWA, Yours & Owls, Listen Out, Curve Ball and more. Blitz has sat down with artists including Flume, Vance Joy, Birds of Tokyo, comedians such as The Bear Pack, Josh Thomas and Daniel Sloss, and has focused on reviewing and highlighting local talent on campus and beyond. 

What will students on Blitz Placement receive? 

Blitz is managed and run by a student team of writers, designers, producers and content creators. We train all team members from scratch on the basics of their chosen media field, from media production and viral video making to editing and podcast producing. Work within the Blitz team to gain industry experience while still having time for your studies – and pick up class credit when it's done. 

Training & mentorship 

Placement with Blitz will provide you with unique training possibilities under a mentor, allowing you to focus on a long-term project of your choice each term, and produce a finished portfolio piece while working on smaller projects along the way. You’ll meet up with your mentor fortnightly to go over your project and review and rework it as necessary. 

Portfolio & networking 

Outside of regular training, you’ll have the opportunity to attend festivals, events and more interviewing artists and creators and making a name for yourself in the media industry.  

Experience in a team 

You’ll be working in a diverse and dynamic group with students from a range of degrees and backgrounds to produce cohesive Blitz content. Think of it like a group project that you actually like. The Blitz Editor, Producer and Designer will be your go to’s for questions on the go and you will be placed in a team to work on your Blitz content and develop skills. 

Who can do a Blitz Placement? 

The following courses are eligible for a Blitz Placement: 

  • MDIA3007 Media Internship 
  • MDIA5100 Industry Internship 
  • ARTS3067 Film Studies Internship 
  • ARTS3095 BA Media Internship 
  • HUMS2000 Arts Internship 

Find out more here. 

When can you do your Blitz Placement?

You can undertake your Blitz Placement whenever suits you. Placement hours can be split across 1 term (10-15 hours a week), across 2 terms (5 hours a week) or as an intensive full-time placement over 4 weeks.

What roles are available? 


Generate regular content on a topic that interests and excites you. You can focus on short-form snappy articles, satire or reviews, or sink your teeth into something a little more investigative. Work with a mentor to find your fit. 


Work with others to develop their work. Build an understanding of voice and style and assist in the delivery of high quality content to your audience. 

Producer/ Videographer 

Do the behind the scenes with research and script development, or get out in the field with the filming of content. We will train you to get behind the camera with confidence. 

Video Editor 

Transform shots into content. You'll be trained in film-editing and sound mixing that will enable you to make a video series of your very own. 


Turn your musings into content by devising and producing a podcast of your own. We will help you build a story and a following.


We need some number crunchers who enjoy impactful digital marketing. Coordinate content, generate reports, dashboards and data that will help steer Blitz into the future.

How to apply for a Blitz Placement?

The Blitz Placement is a largely self-directed content creation experience so have a think about the type of practical work you would like to do. The application takes about 10 minutes and first round of applications closed at 5PM on SUN 2 DEC. 

Send us an email with your background and project pitch at to apply.

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