Equity Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Teresa Pari Chhabra

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Computing and Cyber Security

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer role is most suitable for me because of how much opportunity it holds in creating a difference within the UNSW Canberra campus. From having much experience as School Captain, being part of the Student Representative Council and volunteering with many different kinds of groups (Salvation Army, St. John’s Ambulance, RSPCA), I believe within a university scope this role provides me a balance of organising events to creating a safe connected environment. Being a part of such a wide and vast community in Canberra, I’m granted with a blissful chance to involve others with events such as Pride Week, White Ribbon day, Jeans for Genes day and so much more. All with the ultimate purpose of uniting every aspect of UNSW Canberra as one. I would be proud in representing all different voices and raising concerns that lie amongst our campus, in light to construct a more uplifting community.

Vice President

Dyuti Paul

Masters by Research

I believe that my previous experience of volunteering in different events; for example: Tech-Festivals, make me the best match for this position.During my bachelor study, I was responsible for maintaining and managing different type of events held at my campus such as spots, tech-festivals, fun game and so on. Moreover, Coordinating those events helped me developing my communication skill, management skill as well as leadership skill which are imperative when performing the responsibilities as a Vice president. I truly enjoyed what I was doing there, which is what drew me to this position with Arc student life. I would love to bring my coordination skill that I learned and willing to learn more fromArc Canberra in the near future and I’m really excited about the opportunity to be considered for this role.