Meet your 2022-23 Executive team

Your student voice on campus!

The executive team is made of President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, EDI officer and SAS Manager (ex-officio member). Your executives are democratically elected to represent and campaign for your interests within UNSW Canberra.

The executive team aims to improve every aspect of your university life by:

  • Providing high-quality and relevant events and services.
  • Encouraging your involvement in the planning, development, and running of the club’s events and services.
  • Serving, benefitting and supporting the community and society at large.

Reem Sherif

Arc Canberra President

Reem Sherif is studying swarm intelligence as part of her Ph.D. programme at the School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT), UNSW Canberra.

The strain and anxiety brought on by COVID-19 has highlighted the need of students striking a healthy work-life balance, especially for international students who may not have the privilege of having their family nearby. My major priority is ensuring a healthy work-life balance by effectively planning a wide range of on-and-off campus events to get students engaged in social activities. My firsthand experience as Arc's yoga coordinator made me realise how only few hours mental and physical exercise has a profoundly positive effect on our productivity. My vision is to make Arc a welcoming place for our volunteers and a stimulating hub for our university community.

Upon her PhD completion, Reem plans to either teach full time or conduct research on AI advancements

Dyuti Paul

Arc Canberra Vice President (shared position)

“I am Dyuti. I am currently pursuing Masters by Research Degree in Electrical Engineering from UNSW Canberra.
I believe that ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’ That’s why my goal is to give the best service to the students and build a connection between students and the committee while increasing activities like events or programs. Besides, as a Vice President, I will be assisting President and the executive team with all necessary work to ensure the efficient operation of the organization. In addition, I will be maintaining all the protocols of the constitution and other volunteering activities. Moreover, I think, volunteerism is the voice of people to put into action. Therefore, I would love to hear from students about their thoughts and expectations so that we can work on them accordingly of which we all can be proud.

Teresa Chhabra

Arc Canberra Vice President (shared position)

As Vice President for the Undergraduate Student Body, my aim is to represent their voices and help them achieve their best university life. This difference, both big and small, means a change! A positive change for all; with a more aspiring light on bigger events, daily activities, and an exciting lifestyle for those coming through the doors every day. From previous experience in multiple leadership roles, as well as volunteering with RSPCA and the Salvation Army - I am excited to plan accordingly with my Executive team and host many events that make an impact on my student body or even provide a few smiles along their days.

Thi Thuy Nguyen

Arc Canberra Treasurer

Hannah is a Doctor of Chemistry first-year postgrad student and is serving as Arc Canberra Treasurer.

“My aim is to coordinate with the Executive and General Committees to manage Arc Canberra's funds and make sure that they are used in an appropriate way. We will achieve this by paying bills, holding petty cash, banking income, and ensuring that all Club financial records are maintained and kept up to date. In addition, my goal is to ensure that everything is in order and that, if necessary, someone else from the Club could take over from me. I look forward to working with and taking feedback from Arc Canberra members throughout my term as Treasurer"

Hannah is currently working on a prototype model to study how to effectively desalinate seawater. She wants to pursue a full-time career in the industry after completing her Ph.D. 

Nastaran Nazrul Tui

Arc Canberra Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Nastaran Nazrul Tui is an HDR student of Health Policy at School of Business in UNSW Canberra and serving as Arc Canberra Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Officer.

“As a business student, I believe in “Customer is always right”; this belief motivates me to work for people around me which is really an important aspect of being an EDI officer. Being under the umbrella of Arc Canberra my motive will be to make everyone in campus feel comfortable. My aim is to promote good relations and practice towards diverse student group of UNSW Canberra. I will coordinate with Executives and General Committee to increase cultural engagement among diverse student communities. I will work efficiently to expand diversity activities, workshops to minimise any forms of discriminations. My sincerity, friendliness, and spontaneous qualities will help students to reach me for any kind of grievance and share their expectations. As an Arc Canberra Executive, I look forward to taking feedback from students and share accordingly to the respective areas” 

In leisure time, Nastaran enjoys cycling or different kinds of physical activities, cooking multicultural dishes and spending time with family and peers. After completing PhD, she wants to pursue a career in health policy sector.

Ex-officio member

Meng Chong Jerome Ho

Student Administrative Services (SAS) Manager