Student Services & Support

Providing UNSW Canberra students with help & advocacy

Need some advice about university problems or legal issues? Applying for Youth Allowance? Accused of cheating? In trouble with your boss or landlord?

Arc's advocacy and legal staff can help you with academic disputes, administrative problems, harassment or discrimination or dealing with charges of academic misconduct. We can also give legal advice on UNSW intellectual property and scholarship agreements. We know how the university works and we ensure students are properly represented and are aware of their rights and responsibilities, on and off campus.

As an Arc member, you're automatically entitled to free legal advice and advocacy services to try and help you out of any situation you may encounter.

Within university we can help you with:

  • Appealing grades/suspensions
  • Misconduct, including plagiarism
  • University admin difficulties
  • Copyright
  • Intellectual Property

Arc can also assist in off-campus issues, such as:

  • Criminal cases
  • Traffic matters
  • Employment problems
  • Consumer problems
  • Debts
  • Insurance claims
  • Tenancy
  • Centrelink payment

Got a problem not on this list? Shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do to support you.

Student Academic Assistance Program

Arc@Canberra are introducing the Student Academic Assistance Program (SAAP) for the first time to help our undergraduate students receive pre-exam tutorial sessions and one-on-one tutor and tutee help sessions for specific subjects.

The pre-exam tutorial sessions will be of approximately 2hrs in length and will run as drop in tutorials where tutors run through key course content, practice questions, and important tips for the exam. If there is demand, the tutorial sessions can also be held during the semester prior to class tests as well to further assist students academically. Snacks will be provided in tutorial sessions. Postgraduate students are equally welcome to volunteer for the tutoring opportunity.

Students who participate as tutors will receive a certificate and gift at the end of each semester for their efforts, as well as a personal recommendation letter from ARC that will be a great addition to their resume.

We are seeking expressions of interest for tutors and tutees to participate in this program.

Please complete this form for tutoring opportunity

Please complete this form to request academic tutoring

For any queries, please contact: or

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