About Arc Clubs

Clubs and Societies is what makes your uni experience goes from drab to fab! It's the way to make friends and go out of your comfort zone just enough to learn new skillz (that will look real good on your resume). So let's get clubbing...

If you’re on campus on any given day, you’ll find plenty of students spruiking anything and everything from circus tricks to arm wrestling. Who are they? They’re all part of Arc clubs or societies: groups of students passionate about one of an insanely varied range of hobbies, interests and aspirations.  Here’s how to join them.

Find a Club

Basic, but crucial. There are approximately 300 clubs – be enthusiastic, not desperate and limit yourself to three, max. Once you find the club for you -  go up and talk to them! If impromptu social interaction is less your thing, stay cool and check out their OrgSync page. Click 'Join Now' on their OrgSync page to become a member. Plus, join their Facebook group, Like their pages and subscribe to their notifications!  Some clubs do incur membership fees, but they’re hella worth it. And if you become an Arc member, you save some cashola.

Join Arc

Join Arc for exclusive member benefits and discounts - including discounted club membership fees! Make sure to pick up your arc sticker and goodie bag at Arc Recpetion or during O-Week. Now that you’ve joined, show up to events, parties and meetings to make the most of your club experience and student life.

Show Up

Once you’ve signed up, attend stuff! The FOMO is real. And once you’re a regular, take on experiences and roles for your development. Executive looks good on you. Psst! Employers have a sweet tooth for leadership and contribution. And, hey, if you really like something but don’t find a club or society for it – lasso some people and create your own! Arc will give you all the resources to breathe life into it.